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Stellar Hybrid Jacket 2.0
A breathable combination of weather-resistant shell fabric and stretchable fleece. The Stellar Hybrid Jacket 2.0 offers protection where you need it, and breathability where it counts. This jacket is designed for high-pulse or endurance activities in cool weather.
Stellar Hybrid Vest 2.0
The Stellar Hybrid Vest 2.0 is designed for demanding outdoor activities in chilly or windy conditions. The shell fabric will protect you from the elements while the soft fleece evaporates moisture and enables a full range of motion.
Stellar Wind Jacket 2.0
Designed for high-pulse outdoor activities like running or biking in changing weather conditions, The Stellar Wind Jacket 2.0 will protect you from the elements while maintaining high air permeability.

The best of two worlds.

Our innovative Hybrid System delivers the perfect combination of weather protection, insulation and freedom of movement for low-pulse outdoor activities. Our breathable wind jackets are designed for mountain training and running, providing ultralight and extremely packable weather protection.

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