How do I make a return?

You’ve received a QR code within your order confirmation that you can use to get to our return page. You can also create your return label here:


All returns must be registered online before they can be sent back to us. Use your order number and email address that you’ve used when you placed your order to log into your return profile. Select the products you want to return and tell us why you want to return this product.

Once you have completed our return process, you will receive a return label via email as well as further instructions on how to proceed.

Please print your label and attach it onto your package. Follow the instructions that you’ve received with your return mail and drop off the package with the correct courier. You can find out what courier to use on your return label.

How do schedule a pickup with DHL?

Visit our DHL Pickup Instruction site in order to find out how to schedule a pickup.

Can I make an exchange?

We offer the possibility of exchanging your order’s colour and size in our return system. To create an exchange, please follow the usual return process and simply choose the colour/size you wish to exchange when it asks you for what you want instead. We will then create an exchange order, and you will receive an order confirmation in your email. Please keep in mind that exchange orders are shipped only after we have received and processed your return.

*Note that returns, for which you have asked for an exchange, need to be returned as fast as possible and at the latest 14 days after registering your exchange. In the case of your return being sent later than 14 days after you registered it, we reserve the right to cancel the exchange order and refund your returned items instead.
*We will ship your exchange order as soon as your return has been received and processed. This process usually does not take more than seven days from the point of time your return has been shipped. However, during peak season, the process might take a couple of extra days. If you are in a hurry to receive your exchange products, we recommend that you make a regular return and place a new order for the product/s you wish to exchange.


What are the terms and conditions for your returns?

You have the right to return your order within 30 days after delivery. 

Returned articles must be in a new, unused condition and with all tags on. Please note that we will not accept returns that show any signs of use. If this is the case, please be aware that the article is going to be returned to you. 

Furthermore, please make sure to return the parcel with the correct courier as indicated on your return label. If the parcel is not being returned according to our instructions, we will not be able to take any responsibility for lost packages.


Do I have to return the complete order?

No, you do not need to return your complete order, only the items that you do not wish to keep.


Have you received my return?

You can track your return with the waybill number that you received with your return label.

When we have received your return, it can take up to 7 business days until we have processed your return. Once this is done, you’ll receive a return confirmation email from us.


When do I get my refund?

As soon as we have processed your return, your refund will be transferred back to the same bank account that has been used for placing your order. Please note that foreign transactions can take 3-5 business days.


I’ve ordered with Klarna Invoice, how do I handle my return?

If you have ordered with Klarna Invoice, you can first of all log into your Klarna account and mark your order as returned. Klarna will pause your invoice until we have processed your return.

If you have returned your order only partly, Klarna will send you a new invoice with the articles you have kept.

If you have returned your whole order, your invoice will be cancelled.

*Please note that shipping cost will not be refunded or cancelled. If there have been shipping costs with your order, they have to be paid, even if your order has been returned.


I want to make a claim, how do I proceed?

First of all, we are sorry that you have received a faulty product. We do everything we can to ensure the best quality of our gear.

If you have received an item that is not in a new condition or faulty, please register your claim online by using your order number and email address. Click here to register your claim.
If your order is older than 9th September 2019, please contact our customer service.

Have you bought your Stellar Equipment product through our website?

If you have purchased through our website, you can register your claim online. Once we have approved your claim request, we will send you a return label that you can use to return the claimed product to us. Once we have received and processed your return, we will refund your claim where you’ll be able to place a completely new order instead.

Have you bought your Stellar Equipment product in our showroom in Åre?

If you have purchased from our showroom in Åre and you think that the purchased product has a production fault, please contact our customer service.


Having that said…

…we would like to remind you of the negative environmental impacts that freight contribute to. Therefore, we ask you to try to be extra sure of the size, color and other aspects that could lead to a return.

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