Of cleaning posts and updates concerning updates

For the past few weeks, I have been sorting my blog entries and ‘cleaning’ them by means of transferring the photos from here (WordPress database) to an external image hosting site to save space. I did not expect that it would be a tedious task. I have a lot of drafted posts that I’m supposed to publish week by week, but because of my other activity, I didn’t have time to go through that.

From the concerts I attended last month, to the events my friends handled, to the impromptu splurge moments I had, to this design convention I went to, and this movie screening that I had the privilege of going to. . . I would have posted about them here. Now, I think I have the time because I finished the major transferring of files last night and I only have to check some posts for minor changes. :))

Anyway, I got to post four of from those, two of them are about Nelly and GCH’s show and Smashing Pumpkins. I hope you find time to read them (previous two posts below!), or just skim through it if you haven’t yet. The one from Smashing Pumpkins is particularly long, and there’s a good reason for it. Hahaha!

ALSO, I HAVE A NEW LAYOUT! I’m sure a lot of people has seen this one already, it’s been up for quite some time now. What do you think of this one? This would have to be my favorite so far, since I got to try the style of putting the sidebar’s contents at the very bottom instead of the conventional position.. which would be at the side of the blog posts. I also like the color scheme, but I wish I could’ve come up with something more different because this one reminds me of my previous layout color scheme. I can never seem to go out of my comfort zone. I need to explore more in color combinations!

So, just hold on and be patient.. I have a lot more in store but my OC side has kicked in and I can’t seem to get myself together to post not until I finish cleaning my blog.


On Premade Layouts

Welp. I’ve swallowed what’s left of my pride and decided to finally bite the premade-theme bug.

I have mix thoughts on pre-made layouts especially when I was on the “peak” of my online life.. it’s something along the lines of “If you’re serious about blogging, you have to have a nice layout to go with it. Otherwise, you are just in for the thrill.” I know, it’s pretty pathetic. But what can you do, a lot can change in 5 years. :))

Ever since I got myself a tumblr account (2 years ago), I stopped making layouts from scratch for my blog, especially in tumblr. Back then I didn’t think it was necessary because the point of that specific blog over there was for random stuff.. so even a white, “minimalist” layout would do. I didn’t think much if I were going to have readers or not because I made that account/blog account(s) for me. My mess, my randomness. I never told anyone my URL.. until some of my online buddies found it out on their own.

For the last two years, I’ve spent more time in Tumblr and eventually my WordPress “skills” have (should I say) disappeared. :( Read more…


So out of boredom and sleepyness, I decided to make a VIDEO blog entry. *gasp to the nth level* I seriously never thought I would ever do one in my life, because:

a) I’m shy.
b) I’m not good in public speaking (tho I still wonder how I got a high grade on my public speaking class last term).
c) I stutter and not to mention the minor grammar mistakes. :doh:

*is extremely red right now*

Well if I suck.. don’t rub it further on my face, haha. I am aware of that! I just wanna try and I won’t lose anything if I do, right? XD And I suppose if I start doing this kind of thing now, IF I do it more on the next coming weeks.. I could improve myself. Or not. :))

Oh crap. I forgot to plug mah domain commentors on the vid! Ack my bad. Next time, if there is a next time. =))
…..I’m still sleepy. Oh well, best if I start on that vector before I run out of time (like always).

WordCamp 2008

….was a success! The Philippine leg of the much-awaited WordCamp 2008 by all bloggers around the country was held yesterday at CSB. It felt like I was back to school cause during the Breakaway sessions, we went to 3 different classrooms to listen to the guest speakers on their topics. My favorite breakaway session would be the ‘Organizing & Optimizing Your WordPress Blog’. ;) The other sessions we went to were the ‘Creating WordPress Themes & CSS Power’ and ‘WordPress as a CME/CMS‘. I wished I also went to ‘Video Blogging with WordPress’ and ‘Blogging & Journalism’ sessions, some of my friends got to watch those.

It felt like we (my friends) were the only ‘teenagers’ on yesterday’s WordCamp. I didn’t see anyone around our age, though there were some 18-year old’s (like me) when I saw a list but still, majority of the bloggers are ‘adults’. I had fun and I learned new things about WordPress! That was the point of going to that show, besides spending quality time with my classmates/bloggers and meeting my hostee and meeting Utakgago (okay I only realized right now that HE’s ‘Utakgago’, rofl). A lot of people brought their laptops with them, and have I mentioned that it was FUN looking at their laptops because most of them were at their Plurk sites? :P I saw one laptop with the Twilight layout on it, lololol. Food was yummy, Chowking! :)

Matt Mullenweg and I

Meeting Matt Mullenweg was surreal, felt like I met a celebrity. :worthy: :P During Matt’s ‘The Future of WordPress’ talk, starting with a presentation called ‘State of the Word’ (COOL!), and on the Future proper, he gave us a preview of what WordPress 2.7 is going to look like. It still looks the same (in terms of COLOR, haha) but there are new features, I like how every WP function can be easily accessed. :D After the show, Campers got to have a photo-op with Matt Mullenweg and each camper got the chance to have a one-on-one talk with him. I was not supposed to have a photo with him, but my friends almost pushed me infront of him, I’m just lucky I had something to say and it was the truth! :P

Me: Hi, Matt! I’m Anna of so-stellar.org
Matt: Hi :)
Me: I’ve been using WordPress for 4 years now (well it IS true, when I started So Stellar I was using WP already.)
Matt: Oh! Really! *says something I can’t remember :(*
Me: Can I have a a photo with you?

And poof, about 2 cameras were infront of us… HAHAHA. After that, I said thanks (of couse) and gave others a chance with the photo op. After 1 guy, I seem to still be infront of him.. my friends were still holding the camera and making gestures that I should have another shot with him and he asked me if I want to have another photo and I’m like ‘sure sure, yes’. The 2nd photo turned out better than the first one, phew! :D I heard him say during the ‘Powwow’ segment to tag his photos that we took using our cameras with his name on it.. how do you do that? Is that even possible? Hahahaha..

It was a very nice experience that I never thought would be even possible. Just thinking that I… got to meet the person who made WordPress! *nerdy moment* I didn’t go the afterparty because it’s too late and I was carrying a lot of stuff already it made me feel tired. I won an umbrella during the raffles. :)) One of my friends won a Google goody bag and I think Utakgago won a domain from .ph! NIIIICEEE!

Some photos from the event. I took a hundred photos, but most of them are just my friends.. who wants to see them except for us right? ;)) They’re on my Multiply, lol. It’s time consuming to post photos here the pretty way, haha I have to make thumbnails for each photo. Oh well. :whistle:

Ready Campers My ID and my misspelled website URL :P WordCamp tarpaulin that took ages to be put up Cerisse, Clang, Alrenz and I Matt Mullenweg during Q&A aka PowWow Cars (HOSTEE!!), Ian, Kevin and I

I’m back to school tomorrow! 2nd term of my soph year. After Monday I have 2 days of no classes, haha. I sure hope tomorrow will be fun. My birthday is so so so near, but I don’t know how to celebrate it.. I don’t even have plans of treating anyone. :hmph: Not that I’m selfish or anything, but I don’t want to stress myself .. hehe. Later days!