Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur

Photo taken while island hopping

Last August, I was invited to join my friend’s group of friends on their weekend trip to CamSur. I thought about it, and went anyway because what could go wrong? And besides, I’ve never been to CamSur.. especially the CWC place everyone talks about (okay, I only really heard about it from a certain Mr. Dee).

I didn’t get to take down notes of all the places, as usual.. yeah I know, I’d make a terrible travel blogger. I took a lot of photos though. Hence why this will be called a “photodump”, hahaha. Read more…

Instaxin’ Around Hong Kong

One of the things I brought with me was my new Instax camera. Sure, it’s another added weight and annoyance to my already-heavy bag that I took with me wherever I went; and yes, instant photography at the moment is just another gimmick but I already have thousands of digital photos from my previous visits — I should even that out w/ “old school photographs” of it, too.

I have used it a lot ever since I got it weeks ago. I looove it! Would I spend on films if I didn’t? I’m close to filling up my 240-slot card holder slash Instax album! Hehe. :P I always find ways to use it. Like whenever I meet w/ my friends, for sure there has to be an Instax from that hangout.

Hong Kong in Instax

I was a little worried that I won’t get to use the camera much since I was on my own but much to my relief, I had company over the weekend! Hahaha. Thank you for taking time off your day to hangout with me. ;)

So here are some Instax photos from over the weekend. :)  Read more…

One item off my bucketlist: Traveling Alone and the Mishaps of a First Timer Lone Traveler

Correction: My imaginary bucketlist! I don’t keep and take note of whatever dream goal list because half the time I think they are unattainable. Speaks levels of my optimism in general, doesn’t it? Lol

Warning: Very, very long post.

So yeah, I traveled alone. For the first time. And like every first timer, it was a very big deal for me at the time and I thought I won’t be able to survive, thought I’d make a scene in the airport and cry etc etc but thank the high heavens~ I didn’t. IT’S FUNNY NOW BUT IT WASN’T AT THE TIME.

Actually, I just laugh at everything embarrassing that happened in those four days now.  Read more…