Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur

Photo taken while island hopping

Last August, I was invited to join my friend’s group of friends on their weekend trip to CamSur. I thought about it, and went anyway because what could go wrong? And besides, I’ve never been to CamSur.. especially the CWC place everyone talks about (okay, I only really heard about it from a certain Mr. Dee).

I didn’t get to take down notes of all the places, as usual.. yeah I know, I’d make a terrible travel blogger. I took a lot of photos though. Hence why this will be called a “photodump”, hahaha. Read more…

Instaxin’ Around Hong Kong

One of the things I brought with me was my new Instax camera. Sure, it’s another added weight and annoyance to my already-heavy bag that I took with me wherever I went; and yes, instant photography at the moment is just another gimmick but I already have thousands of digital photos from my previous visits — I should even that out w/ “old school photographs” of it, too.

I have used it a lot ever since I got it weeks ago. I looove it! Would I spend on films if I didn’t? I’m close to filling up my 240-slot card holder slash Instax album! Hehe. :P I always find ways to use it. Like whenever I meet w/ my friends, for sure there has to be an Instax from that hangout.

Hong Kong in Instax

I was a little worried that I won’t get to use the camera much since I was on my own but much to my relief, I had company over the weekend! Hahaha. Thank you for taking time off your day to hangout with me. ;)

So here are some Instax photos from over the weekend. :)  Read more…

One item off my bucketlist: Traveling Alone and the Mishaps of a First Timer Lone Traveler

Correction: My imaginary bucketlist! I don’t keep and take note of whatever dream goal list because half the time I think they are unattainable. Speaks levels of my optimism in general, doesn’t it? Lol

Warning: Very, very long post.

So yeah, I traveled alone. For the first time. And like every first timer, it was a very big deal for me at the time and I thought I won’t be able to survive, thought I’d make a scene in the airport and cry etc etc but thank the high heavens~ I didn’t. IT’S FUNNY NOW BUT IT WASN’T AT THE TIME.

Actually, I just laugh at everything embarrassing that happened in those four days now.  Read more…

OOTD: Leaving the Southern Shore

On our last day Cebu, at the resort, my friends and I started to take our last photos around the beach. You know, typical tourist-y photos and selfie photos to post on social media sites like Instagram. Yeah, those kind of pictures. :))

I wish I took more photos with my friends instead of photos of myself.. lol. Technically, my friend Jeanne took these photos. Anyway, here is my… um.. OOTD. Not the most convincing photo to summarize a fun trip, but please pay attention to the scene and not the person, haha. =))

Sadsies cuz I'm leaving Cebu lol

Okay I couldn’t say that in a serious tone. I just had to add a laughing emoticon next to it. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE.

I actually have a purpose for posting photos of myself! Not to be vain, not for selfie purposes, or whatever selfish-ish reasons to parade my photos online.

Enter Southshore Beach Shop:

SOUTHSHORE is a proud Philippine brand that promotes the fun and laidback lifestyle of local beach bums. It’s not just about the beach though – Southshore also provides chill-out fashion pieces for travelers and urban adventurers.

The brand also aims to support Philippine tourism, and believes that the country has the best islands in the world.

Basically SS sells cool stuff that you can wear on your beach trips, and then some casual wear on the side too.. Though I dig their bags and accessories more because I don’t have the body for their swimwear line, hehe. In short: Hanggang tingin at asa nalang ako. They’re not that new to the business, either, I think they have been around for a few years now.

Disclaimer: Yes, I don’t have the looks to do this, or to do more of this. No, I don’t have plans to turn my blog to a fashion blog showcasing what *I* wore, as I obviously am NOT skilled in styling myself or working out pretty clothes and I prefer to work behind the camera. Yes, my outfit is so boring — I don’t accessorize, I’m not used to it. :)) Moving on…

Reppin’ Southshore, yo.

Aimee Aztec sling bag from Southshore Beach Shop, Penshoppe top, Bench shorts, Bangketa sunnies (lol)

Aimee Aztec sling bag from Southshore Beach Shop, Penshoppe top, Bench shorts, Bangketa sunnies (lol)

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Hello, Cebu!

It’s been a long time coming but we finally did it! Before we would just casually throw out this crazy idea of going out of town, for a few days, out to the provinces and just relax, unwind, have fun. I believe that we’ve talked about it for years and no concrete plan has been agreed on…


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