The Red Case

Inspi(red) ;)

Up until recently, I haven’t given much thought to putting any accessories on my laptop since I use it at home 99% of the time, and it doesn’t leave the house at all. Instead of being a laptop-laptop (haha), it has become a desktop replacement over the years.

There’s also the fact that cases for Macbook laptops don’t come cheap or affordable, and that is my primary reason why I did not bother getting a case for it. But wait, this isn’t to say that all these years my laptop is “naked” all along. I bought a Wrapsol matte protective film for it weeks after I got it 2 years ago. That alone was enough for me.. but as the years went by, specially when I had to get the laptop fixed — had to get it out of the house, stashed it inside my bag.. it probably endured small bumps here and there.

As a preventive measure from getting irreversible physical damages to my bb (though I have no plans to sell this, my intention to keep it 100% in ~*perfect*~ condition is just my OC tendencies talking), I gave in and considered getting a case for it. Read more…

Taking the big leap away from Apple

Ah yes, the big leap away from the Apple ecosystem.. it was bound to happen sooner or later.

But wait, this doesn’t mean that I am completely leaving it.. maybe just their phone line? I recently bought a new phone, as an upgrade to my dying, uber slow, ancient, REALLY slow, irrelevant iPhone 3G.

I’d like to think that I was really patient with this phone that I was able to use it for 5 years, whereas most people would probably just upgrade whenever a new model came out. Well, not everyone has that privilege to purchase an upgrade, let alone a brand new model especially an Apple product. That’s when I started looking for other options.

It was a tough decision but in the end, I decided to try the Android OS for a change. Before, I wasn’t into the idea of even trying it at all, let alone consider.. but as I did my research, I realized that in some ways, it has more pros than cons versus an iPhone.

Say hello to my new phone, the LG Nexus 4!

Nexus 4

Note: All comments beyond this point are based from my observations from using this phone. Opinions from using it personally. Just a heads up for anyone who might come across my entry and not agree.. I’m looking at you, serious Android and Apple fanboys/girls who feel the need to ALWAYS defend your chosen OS. Read more…

A Failed Attempt

Well, here it is! The outcome of my plan to convert my blog’s theme to a responsive layout. Apparently, I failed at converting it and I still have a long way to go. I thought it would be easy as installing a plugin and attaching a script to your theme’s header, but I was WRONG. :))

I skimmed a couple of articles about responsive web design/web layouts and some of what I read mentioned “grids”, “multi column layout”, “computing”, “framework”, “calculate”.

Lastly, this image/visual aid always makes an appearance:

I don't even know where to begin with comprehending this

Suffice to say, but I did not understand anything about it. I really don’t. :cry: I’m pretty sure I was turned off and lost interest the moment I saw the words computing and calculate. At this point, I already had messed up the layout I was working on. So what I did is, though I wasn’t in the mood already, try to come up with something and finish it. And here’s the outcome!

So much for being a “web designer”.

I first heard of this “style” when I noticed that a couple of websites that I usually go to, when resized, automatically moves/scales the sections together. It looks so cool and amusing (because it was oh-s0-new-to-my-eyes) that it became an encouragement to try it for myself. More websites are doing this now since a lot of internet users access websites through mobile platforms now (iPads, Android tablets, mobile phones) and this would help load the website faster, as well as provide easier site navigation for small-screen internet browsers.

I also noticed that from the usual 1000px width of containers for websites (blogs, mostly, I think), a lot of people are using 1140px now. With this current layout, I accomplished that. At least there’s one from my objective that I was able to do, hahaha.

Anyway, that’s all. Just some 411 about how this layout came to be. :)) I finished coding this in less than 24 hours, too. New record? New record. If you happen to come across any pages with errors, just refresh the page and it should display propery. If it does not, let me know ASAP.

On the other hand, if you have any recommendations to me w/ regards to understanding and learning how to design/convert/create responsive website layouts in an easier way, please don’t hesitate to comment and tell me about it! :) If it’s a how-to for dummies, that’d be better. . . haha! Seriously.

iPad Noob Boob

You wanna know what’s more embarrassing other than being a newbie iPad user? The fact that I’ve had an iPad for a YEAR but I’ve started using it just recently. =)) I haven’t found a use for it last year, and it just became paperweight most of the time.

See, I’m not really an iPad person. I prefer iPhones or the iPod Touch because it’s smaller, and easier to bring on the go. Plus more apps are compatible with it.. exhibit a: Have you seen how ridiculous Instagram looks in iPad? They’ve undergone so many upgrades and updates but they still cannot manage to develop an iPad version. Ridiculous!!

A little bit of background: The iPad was bought together with my laptop last year. Originally my dad’s but I guess he likes his phone too much to give this gigantic tablet a chance.

Until recently.. when I decided out of the blue to crack its insides open. Suddenly my iPad went from something IDGAF-about to I-have-to-have-this-with-me-at-all-times kind of item. I wish I have done this sooner to save money on the actual books that I’ve bought. :))

So yeah, for the past couple of days I’ve been exploring Cydia and Installous nonstop and since then I’ve filled my iPad with junk games. The first thing I did as soon as I got Cydia was to find the fix to hide that pesky Newsstand app. Bye bye, worthless iOS feature! Good riddance!

This is how my iPad looks right now. Lol I feel like I’ve lived under a rock for the past two years. Everything about it just looks cool to me right now.

Very neat and organized, just the way I like it. What are your current must-have apps on your iOS device? Preferably games. :)

Read more…

The much awaited year ender post

Before the lines get busy tomorrow since it’ll be New Year’s Eve by then, I’m gonna do this year-ender post a day early! Lol as if the lines around the internet does get busy! Well, it only does when you get disconnected from not paying the monthly DSL bill. =))

Oh diba umeffort ako sa banner? Haha

Last year I wrote my year ender post in this kind of list format that I made on the spot. I read the post last night and thought to myself why not do the same thing for this year since the questions were good and so were my answers. :)) Also, I’m curious if there are any changes from last year to this year. So, the only way to find out is to do this quiz/meme/survey thing for myself again. Read more…