Instaxin’ Around Hong Kong

One of the things I brought with me was my new Instax camera. Sure, it’s another added weight and annoyance to my already-heavy bag that I took with me wherever I went; and yes, instant photography at the moment is just another gimmick but I already have thousands of digital photos from my previous visits — I should even that out w/ “old school photographs” of it, too.

I have used it a lot ever since I got it weeks ago. I looove it! Would I spend on films if I didn’t? I’m close to filling up my 240-slot card holder slash Instax album! Hehe. :P I always find ways to use it. Like whenever I meet w/ my friends, for sure there has to be an Instax from that hangout.

Hong Kong in Instax

I was a little worried that I won’t get to use the camera much since I was on my own but much to my relief, I had company over the weekend! Hahaha. Thank you for taking time off your day to hangout with me. ;)

So here are some Instax photos from over the weekend. :)  Read more…

My Unpopular Not Really 7107-Related Night

Everyone has their share of opinions about the recently concluded 7107 music festival last weekend. No, I didn’t go. (#brokeassblogger problems) But would it count for anything that I did go to one of the mall shows w/ a couple of their artists headlining it?

Well I did, and it was ‘nice’. I am not a fan nor do I know a handful of songs from both performers, but it’s still something. At the end of the day I’d have my own story related to 7107 to tell people about. Hahahaha. Not close, not quite, but still somehow connected.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. 

So what really happened was that I accompanied a friend (who’s already going to the festival itself the next day, w/ tickets and hotel accommodation already set, by the way) to the 2nd mall show featuring The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Astroid Galaxy Tour. It was in the Venice Piazza mall in the McKinley Hill, BGC. Far from where I usually go. Show’s venue was at the open area location.

Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill BGC

It was my 2nd time to go to that mall and we even got lost on our way there. That’s what happens when you try to save up money by taking multiple public transports even though you have no concrete idea how to go there instead of saving time (but not money) and getting a cab in the first place that’ll take you there. Luckily when we arrived, the show hasn’t started yet.  Read more…

Of Catching Up With a Friend and Trying a New Resto

Last month, while I was organizing my photos from the MaD show, I suddenly had this idea of having some of them printed. Not my shots from the show itself, but the spontaneous photo-ops w/ the artists after the show. And I also thought of compiling everything, like a small album for my own — that sort of thing. When you have been doing this for a while, it’s kind of hard to keep track, cuz they’re growing in numbers over the years. In the end, I thought that wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Shortly after that, I thought about the means of having these photos printed. It would be very costly if I go out every time to have them printed and done professionally at a photo developing studio. Then I remembered those portable Canon Selphy printers. My friend has one of those, and they were fun to use last time I remember. Thought about its practicality and cost of the paper and inks, realized that it’s not that bad.. especially for the quality of the photos which cannot be beat by the regular print quality of home printers (inkjet type).

I texted her and within a few hours, we have agreed to meet up the next day cuz she’ll lend me her printer. T’was the right time because she isn’t using it now because she doesn’t have any photography classes requiring it. :)

I headed to the Mall of Asia maybe two hours earlier than her and while I was waiting to hear from her.. I took these random photos whenever I stopped by a random corner around the mall.

Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia

Nothing special, just paying attention to the geometric shapes they formed. Probably not a big deal to you but I like the contrast of the photos. Read more…

Photodump: Valentines Day 2014

(Posting this a month later (March 14, 2014) but just changed the date, hahaha!)

Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me this year but for the first time I received something that’s supposed to be for Valentines. Haha. So thanks for that, you know who you are. :) I appreciate the gesture even though you know I don’t like surprises, and now you know exactly why. You tried, at least! :P It’s the thought that counts.

I did go to a gig/show on the 14th, though. I was supposed to meet up with some of my friends and watch with them but that didn’t happen. I was going to meet with one of them first and then go to the audience area of the venue so we’re all together as a group. I even arrived first, but we weren’t able to meet. Ugh. I was stuck with a bad view of the show. I had fun taking photos w/ #vscocam for the timebeing lol.

From here..Started with this view Read more…

Gavino’s Japanese Donuts

I found their little booth at the Blogapalooza event last month and got curious what kind of food they have for us to sample. At first I thought it, the donut, looked a bit strange, but after the lady representative explained their product to me.. I understood why it looks like that now.

Mochi-like Mochi-shaped Mochi donuts, that’s the short version of it. It’s chewy and it’s not like the usual donut. Plus what you’ll probably love most about it is there is more than enough filling inside (only on some flavors, afaik) a donut so just imagine how mouthwatering it is going to be for you when you try one. Read more…