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Gavino's Japanese Donuts

I found their little booth at the Blogapalooza event last month and got curious what kind of food they have for us to sample. At first I thought it, the donut, looked a bit strange, but after the lady representative explained their product to me.. I understood why it looks like that now.

Mochi-like Mochi-shaped Mochi donuts, that’s the short version of it. It’s chewy and it’s not like the usual donut. Plus what you’ll probably love most about it is there is more than enough filling inside (only on some flavors, afaik) a donut so just imagine how mouthwatering it is going to be for you when you try one.Read more…

Chicken Charlie Turns 3!

It’s ironic but the truth is, my life is pretty much uneventful and I go through the same routine every day. Ironic in a way that this blog is supposed to be full of events but rarely do I have much to blog about except the concerts that I go to. But this post, for the first time, won’t be about concerts. This time, it will be about.. F O O D.

Yes you read that right, food! A food related blog post. Huzzah!! Enter, Chicken Charlie Restaurant.

 photo cc14_zpsb1a4ebaa.jpg

I was invited by Jonver last week to the 3rd Anniversary Press Conference of Chicken Charlie restaurant. It happened so fast that I was mumbling between my replies to him over that phone call (sorry! haha). It went like “yes?”, “yes, okay.” “yeah okay..”, “I’ll email you!”, “sure, thank you again!!”.. lol.

The presscon was held at their Makati Avenue branch, so it was very convenient for us. Though on the day itself, the traffic was pretty bad so my friend and I arrived late. We were late, yes, but so were a lot of people. Whew. By the way, I went with Clarizze of All Things, again. Haha! :)

On our way there, we were panicking and thinking stuff like what if they won’t let us in because we’re an hour late already?! What if they make us pay for whatever we have to try out? LOL I do not know how these things work. Obviously I am a noob at these ‘exclusive blogger events’ thing. The term “blogger” as a legit term for something that you do so seriously and passionately about, still feels and rolls off my tongue so weird. To think that I have been doing this for so long. Crazy how just by blogging, can take you to different places and open doors of opportunities for you nowadays.

Inside the restaurant, most of the tables were still unoccupied and only a few bloggers/guests have arrived early. We easily spotted the area where we should sign in and shortly after that they assigned us to our table.

 photo cc13_zps83bcb9fe.jpg

 photo cc12_zps6f763ea6.jpg

 photo cc11_zps5c8a70cf.jpg

Chicken Charlie Menu

Read more…

Guest Post: Itadakimasu at Yabu

For months, we’ve been dying to go to Yabu House of Katsu. But Anna and I are lazy ladies, refusing to go to SM Megamall to where the only Yabu in the Philippines was located. It was not very near our comfort zone so we delayed eating there for several times. But around October, I think, I went to MoA on an errand and saw that Bistro Ravioli was gone. I really love that place and learned that it was now at the ground floor of the left wing. Anyway, Yabu got Bistro’s new location and this most sought for Japanese restaurant just had their soft opening last week, November 28, 2012. It was the same date as Up Dharma Down’s Album Launch at Esplanade so we, Hannah, Ian, Anna and I, decided to eat dinner there.

The whole restaurant was very welcoming and warm. Also there were manga strips on the wall, which I didn’t get to read much because I was facing the other way. Anyway, I think they were about katsu and intense feelings.

I had a difficult time choosing which to order since it was my first time and I had no idea which is the best dish. Though, I had the vague idea that pork (tonkatsu) was the original if not best katsu. I ended up choosing the Cream Dory Set. Basically a katsu set consisted of the following: unlimited rice, unlimited cabbage salad, a bowl of miso soup, Japanese pickles, a bowl of fruit, a special red sauce for seafood and also your choice of katsu. Also here are the condiments:

Do not fret, this all might be too much or confusing but the waiter serving your table will discuss this with you accordingly.Read more…

Random Cravings

This looks cute, I like it.

Mocha flavored Zagu drink

Mocha flavored Zagu drink

Been craving for a Zagu drink for WEEKS now. Though it’s probably not the best time to get one of these because I’ll be having a ‘serious photoshoot’ during the weekend and I’m breaking out like crazy. :( Hopefully make up can cover it up very well. Hmph.

I blame Taco Bell for this huge zit I have now, grrrrrrr. 😕 I should’ve waited until next month to nom everything I crave for since I have no reason to prettify myself by then (graduation would’ve passed, thus unemployed and being more of a bum).

Anyway, that’s all. Lol, I just made a solid blog post about food and my cravings. 😳

BTW, upgrading to OS X Lion was a success! I know I’m a million years late (in tech years, that is) but it’s better late than never. I don’t see that much differences tbh. Maybe I just needed to do something along of the lines of upgrading to my computer system yesterday because of boredom.

What I love about OS X Lion right now is the capability of selected programs to be viewed in full screen. Right now, my Google Chrome is in fullscreen. Lovely. 😎