Photodump: Valentines Day 2014

(Posting this a month later (March 14, 2014) but just changed the date, hahaha!)

Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me this year but for the first time I received something that’s supposed to be for Valentines. Haha. So thanks for that, you know who you are. :) I appreciate the gesture even though you know I don’t like surprises, and now you know exactly why. You tried, at least! :P It’s the thought that counts.

I did go to a gig/show on the 14th, though. I was supposed to meet up with some of my friends and watch with them but that didn’t happen. I was going to meet with one of them first and then go to the audience area of the venue so we’re all together as a group. I even arrived first, but we weren’t able to meet. Ugh. I was stuck with a bad view of the show. I had fun taking photos w/ #vscocam for the timebeing lol.

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Meg and Dia show at Solaire Resort

Meg and DiaMeg and Dia

The following night after their show at the Hard Rock Cafe, Meg and Dia had another show. This time it was at the Eclipse Bar in Solaire Resorts, Manila. Unlike the HRC show, this one is free for everyone, but the setlist is a lot shorter and it certainly wasn’t that intimate when it comes to the crowd interaction.

I arrived late to this one. To get to Solaire, we had to get to their free shuttle located at the Mall of Asia first. It took some time for the minibus to be occupied enough to leave so we waited longer than we expected. Well, I’m just glad that I did not miss a lot.

It was also the first time I visited this place. Solaire Resort and Casino looks cool. Looking forward to going back and exploring the place next time.

By the time we got there, they were on their third song. I met Lexie’s friend, Baldwin, and Crisel that night, too. I went to this show w/ Shereen this time since Clarizze had work. I hope I did my job of converting Shereen to be a fan of their music at the end of this night! LOL

I took some videos from this show since the previous night, all I had were photos. I had to make up and do video documentaries for my own use, too. :D The rest of the photos and videos and stories under the cut. ;) Enjoy!

The videos are better watched in HD quality. Nevermind the quality of the video itself.. this was just from a digicam, but the audio quality is good enough methinks. I didn’t bring a DSLR to this show. Sorry for the amateur edit, I was in a hurry to upload these videos for this post.

First up is Pumped Up Kicks. I just got to the venue when they played this. I hit record just in time, lol. (This was the 3rd song, as far as I remember)

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Meg and Dia Live in Manila 2014

Two years ago, in December around Christmastime, it was announced that Dia Frampton would be making her first visit in the Philippines as part of her mini tour around Asia to promote her solo album “Red”. Originally, she wasn’t supposed to visit here. But because of social media and teamwork between fans and people who could make it possible, it was made possible in the end. So, in January 2013 she finally came here.

We all know how that ended up, for me, anyway. It became to be the best show to start my year 2013. :D I’m happy to tell you though, that history repeated itself because this year she came back. I feel that we’re too lucky that we get to see her again in less than 5 years which is (usually) the normal waiting time between visits of foreign musicians here in the Philippines.

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These days I rarely attend blog events because I’m so out of the loop from it now compared to before. Granted that I do not update my blog that much anymore, simply because I’m almost always “working” and there aren’t much interesting stuff to share on my blog unlike before. It was all about school before, then lately it’s about the events I go to.. which isn’t consistent because I’m picky (also, can’t fund all the events I wanna go to, hehe).

My ID from Blogapalooza

Heard about the Blogapalooza event from a blogger friend from few weeks back (or was it a month ago) who couldn’t made it because she’s based outside the Philippines as of the moment. Looked over it and it seem possible for me to go, so why not? I signed up and then was granted the privilege to go to it (yay!).

Fast forward to the day itself…. my buddy and I braved our way to SM Aura. This would be our first visit to this new mall, and probably my 5th visit to BGC as a whole. I don’t really go to The Fort that much, it isn’t that accessible to me as a commuter. Yes I commute.

Anyway! Here’s what went down in Blogapalooza 2013.

We arrived late. I feel like I should emphasize this because being late made us miss a lot of stuff. That includes not having available seats in the area anymore where the mini-talks and program proper was held. We spent most of the time roaming around the booths, trying out their services and having our ID signed/stamped after.

Despite that, it was still a fun event full of activities. Kudos to everyone who took part in it and congrats to the organizers and sponsors for a successful event. Also, one thing to be proud of is that this event alone was able to raise PhP 80,000+ donations for the victims of typhoon Haiyan. :)

My only regret is that we wish we came by earlier so we did not miss on the important booths! Oh the fun activities we could have participated in.

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Blogapalooza 2013: I’m going, and why you should, too!

Blogapalooza 2013

I heard of this event from a friend sometime last week and thought of registering even though there’s no guarantee that I’ll be granted a slot. At the time, it was strictly implied that it is an invite-only event and somewhere along the way, the word “influential” is there.

Here’s the thing: I don’t think I am influential, and certainly my blog doesn’t even rank that high or known to most people. I just post photos of events I go to.. but I still tried. And I was surprised to find out upon viewing this list that I made the (first?) cut! Read more…