Quick Rundown of the Past Few Weeks

Oh hi there. I haven’t posted anything new for the last couple of weeks. My bad. I’m falling back to my old habits, haha.

Lemme put up a picspam for you in this entry; let you in on a sneak peek of what’s been going on and what I’ve been up to.

Disclaimer: It’s might not THAT exciting. Don’t get your hopes up. But it will be long, as usual. :P


Teeth: The Reunion Part II at The Piazza at Venice, McKinley Hill

So, apparently, this happened! I knew they just had their reunion show last month, but I was not expecting that there would be a part two. I didn’t go to the first one because I knew it was going to be rowdy and that big of a crowd and myself don’t mix well.

This show drew in a smaller crowd BUT I liked the setlist of this show (better? nah I’ve no idea what was played in the first show so I can’t and won’t compare) and even better — there was a meet and greet after the show. Now I don’t know if there was one at the first show too, but I feel that the one I went to was worth it because it was a free show, semi-intimate audience/crowd, heard all the songs I’ve waited to hear live (Shooting Star!), meet and greet after, got to talk to the members, had some stuff signed. Win-win situation for me. Read more…

Sunday Currently, Vol. 4

Reading: Chicken Soup for the Soul (I’ve been meaning to finish this but I always fall asleep!)
Writing: Numbers, numbers, numbers! Listing my past and upcoming expenses. FML.
Listening: Infomercial on TV
Thinking: ”What else am I forgetting to do on my backlog?” Also, the beach.
Smelling: Kenzo perfume
Wishing: Money to go out so I can watch X-Men: Days of Future Past :(
Hoping: For nothing. Meh. Not feeling particularly pessimistic, not optimistic either.
Wearing: What I wore last night
Loving: The makeup~ I bought and have tried only once since 3 days ago. (In the photo, I’m only using lipstick though)
Wanting: The Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. Oh my god would you look at it, so so so so so pretty! I cannot stop watching videos about it.
Needing: Money so I can buy that camera :lol:
Feeling: Hungry. I think I’m gonna order a pizza tonight.. or not. We’ll see.
Clicking: The publish button


Life has been uninteresting lately. Cooped up here in my room for the entire week. Maybe I’ll start working on my portfolio when I’ve lost my sanity and become THAT bored.. but for now, TV has been very entertaining. Also, there have been plans for out of town trips with different set of friends in the coming months, so that is something I am looking forward to. Keeping myself on house arrest to save up some money, haha. Yup.
Little backstory about the downtime of my portfolio: Back in January there was a series of hacks on my websites and all the websites under my host. The website got too damaged in the process and I felt lazy to put everything up every time it got hacked. Oh well, it was time for a major renovation anyway.

By the way, I covered an event I went to two weeks ago! My write-up is published over at When in Manila! Check it out here: SOL Republic Headphones: Manila’s Key to Hearing the Soundtrack of Life 

Sorry, let me humble brag about this for once. This doesn’t (EVER) happen to me.. so I’d like to share this small accomplishment with you all. ❤ There are probably a few errors, but I tried my best to be informative and keep my personal style in the writing.

That’s all for now. Lemme get back to my backlogs, but wait.. after TV time! :lol:

Sonic Carnival 2013

Sonic Carnival 2013

So this one happened last year, my apologies for the late post again. Does anyone really care at this point, lol. Sonic Carnival: Feast on Sound, if I were to describe it, is a yearly event (I’ve no idea if last year was their first) catering to the EDM/rave/party crowd. There were bands (most of them were from Terno Recordings, I think), but much of its artist lineup were DJs, both locally and internationally known.

Sonic Carnival 2013

Sonic Carnival 2013

Being a usual audience for rock concerts, may I say that I sort of experienced a culture shock attending this festival? Hahaha. Lots of kids dancing around, the performer encouraging people to literally get up and dance, drinking everywhere, people dressed in small pieces of clothing… or barely at all. I felt overdressed and cold. It was also held at an open area, just a few blocks away from the Mall of Asia. Read more…

My Unpopular Not Really 7107-Related Night

Everyone has their share of opinions about the recently concluded 7107 music festival last weekend. No, I didn’t go. (#brokeassblogger problems) But would it count for anything that I did go to one of the mall shows w/ a couple of their artists headlining it?

Well I did, and it was ‘nice’. I am not a fan nor do I know a handful of songs from both performers, but it’s still something. At the end of the day I’d have my own story related to 7107 to tell people about. Hahahaha. Not close, not quite, but still somehow connected.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. 

So what really happened was that I accompanied a friend (who’s already going to the festival itself the next day, w/ tickets and hotel accommodation already set, by the way) to the 2nd mall show featuring The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Astroid Galaxy Tour. It was in the Venice Piazza mall in the McKinley Hill, BGC. Far from where I usually go. Show’s venue was at the open area location.

Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill BGC

It was my 2nd time to go to that mall and we even got lost on our way there. That’s what happens when you try to save up money by taking multiple public transports even though you have no concrete idea how to go there instead of saving time (but not money) and getting a cab in the first place that’ll take you there. Luckily when we arrived, the show hasn’t started yet.  Read more…

Photodump: Valentines Day 2014

(Posting this a month later (March 14, 2014) but just changed the date, hahaha!)

Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me this year but for the first time I received something that’s supposed to be for Valentines. Haha. So thanks for that, you know who you are. :) I appreciate the gesture even though you know I don’t like surprises, and now you know exactly why. You tried, at least! :P It’s the thought that counts.

I did go to a gig/show on the 14th, though. I was supposed to meet up with some of my friends and watch with them but that didn’t happen. I was going to meet with one of them first and then go to the audience area of the venue so we’re all together as a group. I even arrived first, but we weren’t able to meet. Ugh. I was stuck with a bad view of the show. I had fun taking photos w/ #vscocam for the timebeing lol.

From here..Started with this view Read more…