The Week That Was

The Week That Was: Sun, Sand, Beaches, Rock shows, Coffee, Food

Hello world! I’m updating from the comforts of my bed right now because I can’t be bothered to get up and do it from my desk. Not feeling well at the moment, and I’d like to think this is from the constant going out in the past weeks. My health has finally taken a toll on me, sadly. This sucks, too, because my birthday is coming up. FML

Getting sick just a few days before my birthday is normal, in my case. I don’t know why. And as always, I never learn. I could say now that I won’t go out weeks before my birthday, in hopes to avoid the same thing happening over again.. but give it a few more months and I would have forgotten about my ~promise~.

Anyhoo, I’ve always wanted to do this thing I see in blogs.. wherein you post 6-9 photos from your IG feed from the previous week and give a description to it. It has a bunch of different names, and I don’t know if this one I’m using is taken or is being used widely or owned already.. But here you go, my “The Week That Was”. Lol. I don’t do this kind of post that often because I don’t have an exciting IG feed like everyone else since I’m mostly at home. However, the last two weeks have been crazy and fun.. and definitely made me busy than the usual.  Read more…

We Can’t Be The Nice Ones: Two Opposite Genres in One Studio in One Day


Two weeks ago, I witnessed two completely different musicians of opposite music genres in one roof. I was surprised when I found out from the friend who invited me that Krissy and Basti Artadi will be the guests (2 out of 3) in one Balut Radio episode we’re going to that Thursday afternoon.

Basti Artadi. I know him from his other band Wolfgang. Everybody knows Wolfgang, especially if you have an older sibling born in the late 80s-90s. Ask your kuyas. Haha. Anyway, he is currently promoting his solo album project, Everybody Knows That the Dice are Loaded. As for the obvious question when one goes solo.. the answer for that is a big fat NO. He won’t be leaving Wolfgang and that band is not disbanding anytime soon. 

Krissy Villongco is 1/2 of the duo, Krissy and Ericka, who became known to the public from their acoustic cover videos in Youtube. I might have seen 1-2 of their videos in the past, from those moments I’d be curious to see other people do covers of songs. And it was pretty lovely. Somebody brought up that they sound like M2M.. watch the videos and see if you think so too.


The flow of the online radio show goes like this: The artist/band performs around 4-6 (or was it 8? nah I don’t think so, that would be too long) songs in their set, and in between songs, during breaks, the interviewer would ask them questions. These questions could come from the show’s FB page, twitter.. OR, from guest bloggers.

I was part of the latter.

Disclaimer: Just in case my attempt at coming up w/ a witty title of this post FAILS — The title of the post is just two titles related to the name of one guest band and song title of the other artist. It doesn’t mean anything, or mean to start anything. :P

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Big Blog Exchange 2014: Can the Underdog Win This Time Around?

Vote for So Stellar in the Big Blog Exchange 2014

Please vote for SO STELLAR in the Big Blog Exchange 2014

WHAT is the BBE about and what is at stake for the winners?

This link shall answer the first question. As for the second question: Top 16 bloggers from the 100 MOST VOTED blog participants will be chosen to exchange countries w/ other chosen bloggers for TEN DAYS in a trip of a lifetime and will be documenting each happening during the trip, every step along the way.

HOW do I vote?

Simply click on the image on top of this post or go directly to my entry’s short URL Click on “Vote for me” and enter a valid email address. Wait for an email from Team BBE containing a link which you must click in order for your vote to be validated. You may vote ONCE a day per email address, starting today up to 3rd of September.

Just finished voting, what do I now?

It doesn’t stop there. In order for my blog to be considered, voting must be done every so often until the deadline which is in September 3rd. Once a day you can vote with your email, after that, you can vote after 24 hours. Oh and THANK YOU, if ever you did vote for me. Let me know in the comments if you did so I can properly acknowledge you. (Or tweet me, it’s faster!)

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