WIM Induction and Blogging 101 Talks

WIM Blogging 101

L-R: 1. Angeline of WIM speaking about how to make writing easier 2. Outside The Mind Museum 3. Jason Cruz on Community Management talk 4. Kyle Imao of Kyle’s Lab (located in 2nd floor of The Mind Museum) explains his Tiramisu Pot to the WIM members, and Vince Golangco of WIM 5. Anton Diaz of OAP on Blogging Secrets talk 6. Snacks c/o Kyle’s Lab! 7. The flashcard I got for the icebreaker game (I had to guess what it is by the way my teammates treated me) 8. Anton Diaz of OAP talks about viral topics that gets our attention online (I cringe at #10) 9. Funny sign I saw outside somewhere in the museum

I’d say that yesterday was a very productive one. After weeks of being stuck at home, cooped up in my room and fixing all sorts of things in my offline life, I went out to meet new people, and went home at the end of the day with newfound knowledge about what I have been doing most of my life. Blogging, what else?! Hahaha.

Happy to be part of the growing community of, too! I was a little starstruck seeing most of the known people in there in person but I’m happy to say they’re all approachable and really nice people. That might sound creepy, because.. for a few months I’ve only lurked around, hah. I love how they’re geeky (aren’t we all?!) and funny. I had no expectations but to just learn from the talks but I got more than that from yesterday. I met a couple of new people, and two who are frequent visitors of my blog (hi Jhanz and Martin!).

Oh, the talks! You’ll be glad to know that none of them was a snooze fest. That’s saying a lot because nearly all conferences/seminars I go to, I fall asleep at some point. Perhaps it’s because the topic is something of my interest and that I was eager to learn from them. Or they were really engaging and entertaining speakers? Either way, all of the talks were so informative and helpful I actually took notes. Some of it I already knew, but good to be reminded nonetheless. Also, be mindful of what you post online.  Continue reading…


My Unpopular Not Really 7107-Related Night

Everyone has their share of opinions about the recently concluded 7107 music festival last weekend. No, I didn’t go. (#brokeassblogger problems) But would it count for anything that I did go to one of the mall shows w/ a couple of their artists headlining it?

Well I did, and it was ‘nice’. I am not a fan nor do I know a handful of songs from both performers, but it’s still something. At the end of the day I’d have my own story related to 7107 to tell people about. Hahahaha. Not close, not quite, but still somehow connected.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. 

So what really happened was that I accompanied a friend (who’s already going to the festival itself the next day, w/ tickets and hotel accommodation already set, by the way) to the 2nd mall show featuring The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Astroid Galaxy Tour. It was in the Venice Piazza mall in the McKinley Hill, BGC. Far from where I usually go. Show’s venue was at the open area location.

Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill BGC

It was my 2nd time to go to that mall and we even got lost on our way there. That’s what happens when you try to save up money by taking multiple public transports even though you have no concrete idea how to go there instead of saving time (but not money) and getting a cab in the first place that’ll take you there. Luckily when we arrived, the show hasn’t started yet.  Continue reading…

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These days I rarely attend blog events because I’m so out of the loop from it now compared to before. Granted that I do not update my blog that much anymore, simply because I’m almost always “working” and there aren’t much interesting stuff to share on my blog unlike before. It was all about school before, then lately it’s about the events I go to.. which isn’t consistent because I’m picky (also, can’t fund all the events I wanna go to, hehe).

My ID from Blogapalooza

Heard about the Blogapalooza event from a blogger friend from few weeks back (or was it a month ago) who couldn’t made it because she’s based outside the Philippines as of the moment. Looked over it and it seem possible for me to go, so why not? I signed up and then was granted the privilege to go to it (yay!).

Fast forward to the day itself…. my buddy and I braved our way to SM Aura. This would be our first visit to this new mall, and probably my 5th visit to BGC as a whole. I don’t really go to The Fort that much, it isn’t that accessible to me as a commuter. Yes I commute.

Anyway! Here’s what went down in Blogapalooza 2013.

We arrived late. I feel like I should emphasize this because being late made us miss a lot of stuff. That includes not having available seats in the area anymore where the mini-talks and program proper was held. We spent most of the time roaming around the booths, trying out their services and having our ID signed/stamped after.

Despite that, it was still a fun event full of activities. Kudos to everyone who took part in it and congrats to the organizers and sponsors for a successful event. Also, one thing to be proud of is that this event alone was able to raise PhP 80,000+ donations for the victims of typhoon Haiyan. :)

My only regret is that we wish we came by earlier so we did not miss on the important booths! Oh the fun activities we could have participated in.

Continue reading…

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Blogapalooza 2013: I'm going, and why you should, too!

Blogapalooza 2013

I heard of this event from a friend sometime last week and thought of registering even though there’s no guarantee that I’ll be granted a slot. At the time, it was strictly implied that it is an invite-only event and somewhere along the way, the word “influential” is there.

Here’s the thing: I don’t think I am influential, and certainly my blog doesn’t even rank that high or known to most people. I just post photos of events I go to.. but I still tried. And I was surprised to find out upon viewing this list that I made the (first?) cut! Continue reading…