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Blogapalooza 2013: I’m going, and why you should, too!

Blogapalooza 2013

I heard of this event from a friend sometime last week and thought of registering even though there’s no guarantee that I’ll be granted a slot. At the time, it was strictly implied that it is an invite-only event and somewhere along the way, the word “influential” is there.

Here’s the thing: I don’t think I am influential, and certainly my blog doesn’t even rank that high or known to most people. I just post photos of events I go to.. but I still tried. And I was surprised to find out upon viewing this list that I made the (first?) cut! Continue reading

90s Trip Back to Memory Lane: #SugarSmashGin

Went out last week to watch the #SugarSmashGin concert w/ a friend. I have heard of this event months ago but never thought I’d actually come out and watch them. Why? Financial reasons, what else is new? However, I had thoughts that out of the three bands playing.. GB would be be the one I would watch out for. Little did I know that they’ve already been here before, and that this is not the first time they’re visiting the Philippines to play a show.

And then, the sudden turn out of events revealed a surprise that I would be, once again, watching a concert I had zero hopes of even going to, for free. It was a last minute thing: Shereen won tickets a few hours before the concert. She rang me and asked if I was available to go out that night. I was in the middle of catching up w/ The Mindy Project when she called. :)) But the gist of the conversation was I said yes and I hurriedly left the house to get to the venue.

PS: What do you think of the GIF as a banner for my future events-related posts? :)) I figure that since I shoot in burst mode, might as well find a use for these other photos so they won’t go to waste. Yay or nay? 

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Photodump: Street Team Night at Black Kings’ Bar

Street Team NightI rarely get to watch local bands anymore because of #brokeassbloggerproblems reasons but recently, I made time to come out and watch the collaboration event of ISTPh w/ 3 other local street teams in the PH and Alay Productions. And I’m glad I did. Continue reading

Music Heals: Radio Republic Benefit Concert

Radio RepublicRadio Republic’s #MusicHeals Benefit concert

Lyrically Deranged Poets (LDP)Lyrically Deranged Poets (LDP)

Radio Republic held a benefit concert last August 25 for the victims of Typhoon Maring. Over 50 artists gathered for this cause. I didn’t stick long but I heard that the event went from 1PM-3AM the next day? Wow that’s a lot of artists, all helping out for the same cause. I also heard that the folks over at RR only had 3-4 days to setup the whole event? That’s pretty amazing, kudos to the people behind the production!
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Linkin Park’s comeback to Philippine shores

Linkin Park Live in Manila 2013Linkin Park

Would you look at that… I had accepted the fact that I won’t be watching my all-time favorite band during their concert here months ago, BUT the universe conspired and made it possible for me to go to their show in the last minute.

Linkin Park Live in Manila 2013

Linkin Park, wala kayong kupas! You performed your old songs flawlessly. It felt like I was taken aback to my teenage years as soon as I heard that familiar intro from one of your songs in Hybrid Theory during the first set! Goosebumps by the first song. No other band I’ve seen in a concert has made me experience that. :))

Linkin Park Live in Manila 2013
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