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A package from the post office was delivered to my house 2 days ago. I was not expecting anything because.. well it’s a long story, it’s best that you read all about it here.

For the TLDR people out there, here’s the gist of that post: EVERYTHING that I receive from the post office (from online shopping, or things sent by friends, things I’m not even suppose to pay for), gets held up in the customs department of our post office here and whenever I try to claim it.. they always charge me if not twice, thrice the value of the item. Customs fees, tax, and other miscellaneous bullshit fees. If they can’t get any money for whatever stuff I have there, they won’t deliver it — and considered that it’s “missing” or “got lost in transit”. I think it has something to do w/ my name, because other people’s mail gets delivered straight to their house! I asked my friends whose post office is the same as mine. That’s really unfair.
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#Tuhog Symposium (DLSU Manila)

In my entire stay at CSB during my college years, I can count the number of times that I have visited our sister school, DLSU. Now that’s not exactly a good thing because that only means that the reason why I can count the number of times I’ve been there is because I haven’t visited that much at all!

To count, and from what I remember, I visited four times during college. First was to pickup my ticket for Graphika Manila 2007, second was during their Animo Jumpstart event because Up Dharma Down was part of the bands who were going to play, third was to accompany a friend to watch Silent Sanctuary, and lastly when I had to report a student there (thanks AC for hooking us up, haha!) for a project in one of my classes.

Would you believe that every DLSU visit, I always, always seem to get lost around that school?! LOL I guess I’ll never get used to big schools. I’m perfectly fine just being confined in one building, thank you very much. Just imagine if things turned the other way around, I’d be studying there.. I would probably end up being late all the time. :))

Anyway.. my DLSU frustrations aside, I would like to share my experience in going back to that school 5 years later. (Sorry for the very long ‘intro’, lol)

Last Tuesday became the 5th time I paid a visit to DLSU. This time I was not a student anymore. I have no business to do there, so why the visit? Well…

The non fangirl-y version of it: Tuhog, a maindie film by Star Cinema and Skylight Films, had its symposium in the school. They’ve been going around schools around the metro since last week (I think), and this is the school that’s closest to me that I could go to if I wanted to watch and get some insight from the people behind this film.

Fangirl version: This guy. YUP. =))

As usual, the same with all my previous visits to this school.. I got lost before I found my way to the place where the talk was going to be held. Ugh. Mave accompanied me as much as she could. Funny, she’s actually not from DLSU and she was more familiar with the place.. haha!

The room was starting to be full when I entered. Apparently, I was already late.. but it’s okay because it hasn’t started yet. =)) Glad we got seats near the front too!  Read more…

Graphika Manila 2012: Highlights

Going to design conferences such as this one is a breather from the usual events that I go to (concerts, or Enchong Dee events, hahahaha) because not only I see and ge to bond with my friends from college again, but I also get to refresh my design perspective from the new info we learn from the speakers. ;) I think this year’s GM is especially memorable for me, aside from being my second GM attendance. I went by myself in the first GM last 2007.

Here are my highlights. :P

Pat Manlapas won a chair!

1) My friend won a foldable chair

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A Mystery Package

This came in around late in the afternoon today. The only thing running in my mind when I saw is that I’m so glad that the shipper sent it through Air21 and not through the local post office. God knows how unreliable those corrupt fucks are with handling mail, especially international mail from online shops.

Let’s find out what’s inside the package, shall we? :D

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The much awaited year ender post

Before the lines get busy tomorrow since it’ll be New Year’s Eve by then, I’m gonna do this year-ender post a day early! Lol as if the lines around the internet does get busy! Well, it only does when you get disconnected from not paying the monthly DSL bill. =))

Oh diba umeffort ako sa banner? Haha

Last year I wrote my year ender post in this kind of list format that I made on the spot. I read the post last night and thought to myself why not do the same thing for this year since the questions were good and so were my answers. :)) Also, I’m curious if there are any changes from last year to this year. So, the only way to find out is to do this quiz/meme/survey thing for myself again. Read more…