Mixtape: 214

214: Love Songs for Both the In Love and Bitter 😉 (yes the wink is included in the title, LOL!)

  1. Bamboo – I-You
  2. Rivermaya – Balisong
  3. Sinosikat? – Turning My Safety Off
  4. Iron Wine ft. Calexico – Always On My Mind (Live)
  5. Out of Body Special – Kamakailan Lang
  6. Ourlives – Out of Place
  7. Spongecola – Neon
  8. Alanis Morrissette – Uninvited

As usual, my song choices for my mixtapes don’t match at all.. or have any consistency. Ah well. Here you go guys.. enjoy? Don’t enjoy? Don’t like it? Hope you like it? Haha. Anyway! I didn’t know you can go past 8 in adding songs, because the site is called “8tracks” after all. Apparently you can.. I would’ve added Rivermaya’s “214” and Bamboo’s “Much Has Been Said”, but I think they’re gasgas and overrated songs na.

I wanted to add songs that people haven’t listened to for a long time. Forgotten songs (AFAIK) — yup. Also, most of these songs are from OPM artists. Song #6 is a new one, I found it while I’m watching Emily Owens MD. Such a bummer that the band’s 2 studio albums are not available for purchase outside their home country which is in Iceland!

That’s all. Happy vday to you.. whatever the V means to you. 😛 Til the next post!

PS: Sorry for the shitty album art lolz

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    Precisely what honestly stimulated you to post “Mixtape:
    214 | So Stellar”? Icertainly adored it! Thank
    you ,Marianne