Mixtape: Of getting lost and being gone

Here’s a little something for everyone visiting my blog for the past couple of weeks. :)) Sorry, I have been very busy since Sunday. Work’s starting to pile up and as soon as I’m about to start w/ one of them, another one comes again. How I wish I’m getting paid for all the work I am doing! :)

I’m aware that my mixtape is a little unusual. Why the theme? No reason in particular. Lame reason though.. I woke up today, and as I went on to do my morning rituals (or not really, just house chores hehe) the song “Pice of This” by OPM band POT played in my head. Couldn’t get rid of it ever since and so I decided to look for similar songs and this is the result.

I would put a snazzy album art but I’m in a hurry to post this. Maybe later when I get back from a friend’s get-together. Hope you enjoy the mix (or not.. but that’s okay!). 😀

  1. POT – Pice of This
  2. Kapatid – Prayer
  3. Stars – Calendar Girl
  4. Band of Horses – The Funeral
  5. Band of Horses – Monsters
  6. Glasvegas – Daddy’s Gone
  7. Orange and Lemons – Hanggang Kailan
  8. Stonefree – Kapag Nawala ka

PS: My first mix is posted here, and coincidentally, I posted it on a Saturday as well!