Smash Concert 2012

Okay, so my title totally defeats the entire post because it’s not even about the concert itself. I was penniless around this time, yet I managed to ‘hangout’ with my friends and take home a copy of Rogue magazine (finally!!) with Megan Young on the cover.

Thanks, Quinn, Dan, Jeph, Chris, Alex and Bert (even though you had that pa-rockstar attitude, I still dig your music anyway) for being game and budding enough to pose a photo with me. See you guys soon!!!

Quinn and Dan from The Used

Quinn Allman is super, duper nice. I regret not having a solo photo with him even though the opportunity presented itself right infront of my face. *tantrums* =)) Fuck.

Jeph Howard and I

Something funny and embarrassing happened during this time which I will not share. But, when I approached him for a photo, he gave me a pat on the head =)). This was like the 3rd shot. First one was blurry, second was that one, and this was the last (the good one).

Alex De Leon of The Cab and I

Okay, so my peers don’t exactly like or appreciate The Cab.. but I like this one song from them. I have no shame!!! Plus, he was 2nd nicest of all the guys I’ve met that night (Quinn being the top of that list!!) so I gotta give him plus points for politeness and willingness to interact with their fans/people in general

Strangely, a photo with someone I am not too familiar of, that turned out better than I have expected, too. :))

Jullia, Chris Carrabba and I

Chris had just came back from the concert at Araneta in this photo and we had to beat the groups of girls who wanted a photo with him, so we ran and posed. Welp. :)) Super happy that I also got to see Jullia cuz it’s been tooooo long!! Also, her excitement when she saw Chris and Bert was a little hilarious. #fangirlrproblems


Last but totally not the least, my photo with THE Bert McCracken. The hardest artist (next to Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship) to approach and get a photo with. I did get to see Gabe and had the opportunity to have a photo with him but meh, I didn’t deserve it. :)) So I sat down and let my friends have their opportunity.

Bert McCracken and I

Yes, that’s exactly what you’re getting out of this photo: NO EYES ANNA. Why? You’ll never know. I’ll never tell. Better than nothing though, yes?? :))

My god, this kind of lifestyle is so hard and I don’t know how long I can keep up.

  • Chester

    money < concerts

    Sad fact! D:

  • mayee

    Cool pics!alex of cab and I seems nice. Currently laughing at jeph howard’s epic face reaction. FTW! LOL