Camera Hunting 2012

Went “e-window shopping” online for cameras that I wanted to buy.. lol no, I won’t actually buy them. I have no money, surprise! But yeah when the time comes.. or until these companies release a new one, I’d love to get my hands on one of these lovelies.

1) Panasonic Lumix ZS20 (20x optical zoom, 14mp, 1080p video)


I don’t really like Leica cameras to begin with but this sounds promising. Knowing Leica (in my point of view), and have used 2 Leicas in the past with disappointing results.. this isn’t really a high-priority on my list. I just thought of this one first that’s why I have it here in #1, haha. What turns me off the most aside from the grainy photos this camera will probably produce is that its display is also a touchscreen. Nope, cameras with touchscreens are a dealbreaker for me.

A few things that I do like is the zoom range, and it’s megapixel count (though it’s not really that big of a deal daw) and that it looks like a beefy mancam (HAHA) although it is the thinnestRead more…

Smash Concert 2012

Okay, so my title totally defeats the entire post because it’s not even about the concert itself. I was penniless around this time, yet I managed to ‘hangout’ with my friends and take home a copy of Rogue magazine (finally!!) with Megan Young on the cover.

Thanks, Quinn, Dan, Jeph, Chris, Alex and Bert (even though you had that pa-rockstar attitude, I still dig your music anyway) for being game and budding enough to pose a photo with me. See you guys soon!!!

Quinn and Dan from The Used

Quinn Allman is super, duper nice. I regret not having a solo photo with him even though the opportunity presented itself right infront of my face. *tantrums* =)) Fuck.Read more…

Photodump: Wolfgang Live at the Met

While I was sorting out my files today, I came across a folder containing photos from the night of Wolfgang’s concert at the Metropolitan Theater in Manila last year. I remember that I have many photos from that night but after checking out a couple of them and realizing that they were blurry and horrible (to my standards), my enthusiasm of sharing them online went to zero.

Looking at these again now, I think they’re not that bad. Well, out of the hundreds of photos, here’s about 10-20 photos that looked decent. Enjoy! :)

Clockwise from left to right: Basti Artadi (vocals), Manuel Legarda (guitars), Mon Legaspi (Bass), Francis Aquino (drums)

Read more…

First of March

Finally, a productive day from this week! Well, I’ve been busy since yesterday but not from doing this (new) layout for my blog. 😛 I had some freelance work that I did from morning up until 6pm that night. I don’t know when I’ll get paid for it plus the other assistance kind of work that I did for the same person who gave me this work too, but I’m excited for the money flow. =))

So yeah, today’s must-do list was to have a new layout up before the day ends. I designed and coded everything the whole day. Pretty satisfied that I’ve only came across a few errors this time compared to the last time that took me a day and a half, and that I was even able to put this up within the day (I thought it was gonna be impossible haha). Also, I’m proud that I’ve done this one-column layout successfully though I admit I cheated on the bottom part lol. If there’s an error, let me know. As I was editing the theme, I’ve come across stuff that I want to change more in here but that can be done tomorrow.

Time to rest! What do you think of my new layout? BTW, my header is done by my buddy Jean Pe. She’s an illustrator and a comic artist so if ever you’re looking for someone to doodle or draw you art, portrait, or whatever you have in mind (comic book collab?), you may visit her portfolio at Thank you very much Jean! :)

More tinkering around the site to be done tomorrow. Til the next update! 😀