Camera Hunting 2012

Went “e-window shopping” online for cameras that I wanted to buy.. lol no, I won’t actually buy them. I have no money, surprise! But yeah when the time comes.. or until these companies release a new one, I’d love to get my hands on one of these lovelies.

1) Panasonic Lumix ZS20 (20x optical zoom, 14mp, 1080p video)


I don’t really like Leica cameras to begin with but this sounds promising. Knowing Leica (in my point of view), and have used 2 Leicas in the past with disappointing results.. this isn’t really a high-priority on my list. I just thought of this one first that’s why I have it here in #1, haha. What turns me off the most aside from the grainy photos this camera will probably produce is that its display is also a touchscreen. Nope, cameras with touchscreens are a dealbreaker for me.

A few things that I do like is the zoom range, and it’s megapixel count (though it’s not really that big of a deal daw) and that it looks like a beefy mancam (HAHA) although it is the thinnest Read more…

Smash Concert 2012

Okay, so my title totally defeats the entire post because it’s not even about the concert itself. I was penniless around this time, yet I managed to ‘hangout’ with my friends and take home a copy of Rogue magazine (finally!!) with Megan Young on the cover.

Thanks, Quinn, Dan, Jeph, Chris, Alex and Bert (even though you had that pa-rockstar attitude, I still dig your music anyway) for being game and budding enough to pose a photo with me. See you guys soon!!!

Quinn and Dan from The Used

Quinn Allman is super, duper nice. I regret not having a solo photo with him even though the opportunity presented itself right infront of my face. *tantrums* =)) Fuck. Read more…

Photodump: Wolfgang Live at the Met

While I was sorting out my files today, I came across a folder containing photos from the night of Wolfgang’s concert at the Metropolitan Theater in Manila last year. I remember that I have many photos from that night but after checking out a couple of them and realizing that they were blurry and horrible (to my standards), my enthusiasm of sharing them online went to zero.

Looking at these again now, I think they’re not that bad. Well, out of the hundreds of photos, here’s about 10-20 photos that looked decent. Enjoy! :)

Clockwise from left to right: Basti Artadi (vocals), Manuel Legarda (guitars), Mon Legaspi (Bass), Francis Aquino (drums)

Read more…