Photodump: Marla!

Sorry for the lack of updates here. I’m not slacking off like last time when I stopped updating for nearly a year! The good news is, I actually have a lot of things to blog about in my absence. Check back here within the week, I’ll probably have them up here by then.

For now, I hope these photos of my puppy Marla will compensate! 😉 She’s the one I thought who had a severe case of Swimmer Puppy syndrome. Turns out she just has splayed legs, and her lungs and chest are perfectly fine now.

Those eyes will just draw you in to click “read more” and see more of her. Haha. :)

Click "read more" to see more of me! (lol)

Click “read more” to see more of me! (lol)

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On Dogs and Puppies

Oh, hi! I just wanted to share for today these photos of our puppies. :) These are the puppies of our dog, Bruce. Yeah, the female dog’s name is Bruce. Bruce Wayne, Bruce Lee. LOL. Okay I’m not making sense here. So what’s with the boy-name-for-a-female-dog thing?

My mom likes giving boy names to our female dogs. Hmm.. wait, no. This is the first time that she gave a female dog a boy name. Our other female dog is named Celine.


Bruce gave birth to a litter of pups last December 3. She had around 7 puppies all in all but the 3 pups weren’t able to survive. We were left with 4, but a puppy (didn’t have a name) died shortly around 4 weeks and recently was a puppy we named Cow from fading puppy syndrome on their birthday last week. Google it. :(

So now we’re left with these two. I was worried that no one would want them, especially Marla because of her condition. Thankfully, someone took interest when I posted this on Twitter.

I was close to choosing the latter.

I was close to choosing the latter. Then Reese told me she’d love to take her.

Later that night, I posted this tweet out of the blue asking if anyone would want to take this puppy.. Read more…

A Mystery Package

This came in around late in the afternoon today. The only thing running in my mind when I saw is that I’m so glad that the shipper sent it through Air21 and not through the local post office. God knows how unreliable those corrupt fucks are with handling mail, especially international mail from online shops.

Let’s find out what’s inside the package, shall we? 😀

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The Jollibee 2012 Planner

Sorry that I am saying it right upfront in this post but receiving this planner reminded me of that incident two weeks ago that involved getting hospitalized and almost getting myself in danger, some incident that’s related to my health.

Two weeks. It’s been that long since that incident. But I don’t want to dwell on that anymore. 2012 means new slate and all so.. going back to the topic.

I got this planner from Jollibee today. It was delivered to our house since during the time that I had ordered from them (for food delivery, December 19) they didn’t have these on-stock at their branch. They said they would deliver once they re-stock. Today was that day that they finally re-stocked their planners and I seem to have received the prettier design of their planners. For the curious, here’s the other design for the planner. Pretty plain, don’t you think??

So anyway, I was excited when my mom called me to get the item… only to be stumped and a little disappointed when I saw the item in person for the first time. :))

Oh well, this was free.. what was I expecting? At least the cover was pretty, I’ll give them a few points for that. Let me take you to a tour around this ~planner~ after the jump!

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