2011 Wishlist

Oh noes, we’re at the last month of the year. But this won’t be my year-ender post just yet, this is just a wishlist.

Based on the turnout of the events around this household, I doubt my Christmas this year will be as fun as the previous holidays from this year. I was backreading some of my posts from a few years back and I noticed that it may not be the best or grand but, from that post, I was pretty much content with the turnout just because we had a lot of food that day. Pizzas, cakes, and macaroni salad galore!

Any holiday wouldn’t be complete if you don’t have yummy food at the table. That and the whole family to share it with, or if not, at least with the special people in your life.

Yeah, ok, this is getting cheesy.

It’s sad that as I get older, the more mundane holidays are become to be. With that said, I intend to make myself happy by satisfying myself with materialistic needs. Lol.

My plan on the 25th? Help around the house and spend the entire day inside my room watching marathons of TV shows. I’m currently watching season 3 of the Wonder Years. I love it. I’m a sucker for old, old TV shows. 😆

On with the wishlist.. here’s item #1:

Filed 2012 Planner

FILED 2012 planner

FILED 2012 planner (click thru to go to their FB page)

Okay, so why do I want a planner when I already have a blog to write on how my day went and twitter that I update nearly 24/7?Read more…

Photodump: College Graduation

Okay, this post has been sitting in my drafts for way too long already. I’ve post processed these photos just for the purpose of posting them here but I never got around to writing the post sooner because I got busy. Excuses, excuses! =))

I graduated 2 months ago. Last October 29 to be exact. Contrary to what you might be expecting to read here, my graduation wasn’t how I anticipated it to be. I have said my piece over at tumblr (not very friendly, btw) and I have moved on. Seeing the post-processed photos for the last time before I saved them for uploading reminded me of that bitter moment. Anyhoo, just like the usual, more photos after the jump!

Congratulations, Graduates!

Congratulations, Graduates!

Apparently, this is the only decent photo my brother got from the DSLR. According to my folks, somehow the camera stopped functioning at the beginning of the program. That was strike one for me. Read more…

Pandora: Galaxy of Mystery exhibit

My friend Clarizze had an exhibit along with her classmates from portfolio class last week. Since she went to my exhibit last August, I decided to pay back the favor and go to hers, too. I went on the 2nd and 3rd day to see what the fuss was about. 😛

Basically the setup is similar to the kind of exhibit I had: A class organizes an exhibit for the whole term that will feature around 3-5 best works from each student showcasing their skills in MMA (Multimedia Arts) program. They have the freedom to decide where to hold the exhibit and design the site whatever look they want, as long as they don’t go over the budget (?).

I realized I didn’t take much photos and to think I went there twice.. hay. Well, I hope you like what I have to show here, anyway. :) Photo dump after the jump!

Tarp located at the exit and entrance of the exhibit

Freebies: Postcard-size sticker, mini sticker and bookmark

Freebies: Postcard-size sticker, mini sticker and bookmark

List of exhibitors

List of exhibitors

Read more…