The much awaited year ender post

Before the lines get busy tomorrow since it’ll be New Year’s Eve by then, I’m gonna do this year-ender post a day early! Lol as if the lines around the internet does get busy! Well, it only does when you get disconnected from not paying the monthly DSL bill. =))

Oh diba umeffort ako sa banner? Haha

Last year I wrote my year ender post in this kind of list format that I made on the spot. I read the post last night and thought to myself why not do the same thing for this year since the questions were good and so were my answers. :)) Also, I’m curious if there are any changes from last year to this year. So, the only way to find out is to do this quiz/meme/survey thing for myself again. Read more…

Christmas 2011

What I’m about to say right now might be shocking to you…

I spent my Christmas eve (last night) at our local church.

..and I loved it! Though there were awkward moments because it was my first time there and I can’t help but notice the people (residents of our village) seem to look at me because I’m a familiar face, it was an okay experience.

Yeah, this is not a norm for me, I’ll tell you that. But since I’m on a new “lifestyle” might as well give this one a shot, even just for once. :) Ever since that thing happened (just a couple of days ago), my life did a complete 360. 😐 I’m not used to change, neither do I like it, but what can I do, right?

Back to the story!

First impressions:

  4. Why are they looking at me? :( I just want to sit down and look back at what happened these past couple of days. :(

Yeah, I had to type the first three in caps to show that I really was amused at our church lol.

I was also in awe during our stay there because in the years of living in this village (or subdivision? I don’t really know the difference between the two, sorry lol), I never imagined that our church would be this big. I mean, who knew they could build, let alone fit a big legit church right here in our little town! I was honestly expecting a small church that can only accomodate around 100 people.

I don’t want to give in specifics like where this is located (because you’ll figure out where I live, obviously haha), or the name of the church (sadly, I don’t know the name), or anything that would give you clues where this is in the first place!

I took some photos of the place while we were inside, and a couple of shots while we were outside just to show you what I am talking about. Though I might be really exaggerating and you’ll find that it is small. For me it’s not, it’s big. :))

Outside exterior details

Outside exterior details

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OED x Boystown Treat Part II

OED team with some of the Boystown kids

OED team with some of the Boystown kids

Before the year ends, OED (Only Enchong Dee, Enchong’s fan group) created another project for its members and that is to hold an outreach for the kids of Boystown (girls quarter). The first time, they held a same event but for the boys instead.. unfortunately I wasn’t a part of that event, and Enchong was there! :))

BTW, this event was held on December 15, 2011 at Boystown Marikina. Yep, I commuted all the way from down south to there! See my efforts, Enchong?! You make me do good things and at the same time I may have dirty thoughts about you. =)) JK.

No matter, our main goal in this particular project is not Enchong Dee himself, but to a) make these kids happy, b) give back to the less fortune and/or privileged, c) go out of our way to share quality time with them since it’s the Christmas season. Yep, you heard that right, he wasn’t there. We felt like we made a handful of girls disappointed because he wasn’t there to party with us. Darn those spontaneous TV shoots/TV commitments! I was expecting him to show up because I wanted to see Enchong in this kind of situation. 😛 His mom went instead, though.

Oh, you might be asking, of all children youth groups, why Boystown? It all started from Enchong’s show way back years ago called “Boystown”, where he played the role of a Boystown kid. Apparently, from that role that was given to him, somehow he was exposed to their way of life, and that inspired him. Simple living, simple joys, as they say. Since then, as much as possible he tries to give back to them in the form of donation or outreach programs or parties (like the one we did). Das a good boy right there. :))

During the planning stage of this event I was dreading, tbh, because I was afraid I won’t get to socialize properly, especially with the children.. having a rep to be a bully towards kids. HAHAHA I KID. I’m quite the antisocial and the last time I did something similar to this was during our NSTP course back in college. It was a nice experience, too, but not my cup of tea.

I’ll tell you a secret: I did help out during our NSTP but I was in charge of distributing food/treats to them. Dakilang server, kumbaga. :)) I wasn’t around to socialize with them, they were bratty children. :(


Tin and I

I did get to redeem myself and do some socializing with the children. But I was more of the photographer for the event so I didn’t have “my own” kid during the whole event. I felt happy when this certain girl kept approaching me though. Aw, it feels nice when a child you barely know personally approaches you like she especially chose you!

We went overtime, beyond our schedule, because some guests showed up and added themselves to our program. :)) There was a group of women and men aka a choir (PMPC, according to my co-admins) who brought in caroling tunes to the children. Also, Enchong was in charge of the food.. haha, and apart from that, he also had his own set of donations delivered to the place. Mayn, this guy is the definition of generous.

There are a lot of photos from the event and it’s hard to go through them all, even with these certain shots I’ve already picked from the pack and tell a story as well what the photo is about. :)) So here, I will make your life easier in case you’re still reading and provide you with highlights instead. 😛

Highlights of OED’s Boystown (Girls) party:

  1. Lotsa games, dancing and singing
  2. There was a singing match between the teenager girls of Boystown
  3. Mrs. Tess Dee (Enchong’s mom) was his proxy
  4. It was Tita Tess’ birthday the day before
  5. Lotsa food were served for the children
  6. Massive giveaways including goodie bags and donations from the OED group
  7. It was a fulfilling event and a big success because we were able to do our objectives and made our audience ery very happy
  8. I had 500 photos lolol. First time to be an “event photographer”. Apparently, some folks got bothered by my external flash. My bad. :))
  9. Our very own admin Mark Paul (MP/Empee for short) showcased his singing skills.
  10. I just feel the need to say this but our hosts were Tin, Empee and Carol. 😀
  11. Party started around 1PM, ended around 5PM. Kids weren’t tired yet but we were.. they still were full of energy.
  12. Overall a fun fun fun fulfilling experience for me!

To sum my experience up: I’m glad I went. Seeing smiles on their faces is enough ‘payment’ for my hard efforts here.. well, I feel like I didn’t do much on the pre-production stage. But boy was I beat during the day itself, going round and about taking photos left and right.

Mama Dee, Santa, and some of the ladies of OED

Santa playing with the kids


I know, I know. The number one item on my wishlist in my previous entry is a Filed! planner. Well, I did get my planner.. only it wasn’t from Filed. Needless to say, I think it was even better than Filed’s planner.

Surprise, surprise! The moment I heard of this “Moonleaf 2012 planner” around Twitter, I decided to check it out. As soon as I laid my eyes on it, I had to get one of them ASAP.

There are days when I wish I had gotten Filed’s planner too, but what’s the use of having two planners especially if you’re not even sure if you’re able to fill it up with notes when the year begins.

The best part is that the Moonleaf 2012 planner only costs PHP 300! There’s a black planner that’s a limited edition that sells a little above the original price, approximately PHP 450. I was going to get that too, out of impulse, but luckily there weren’t any stocks during my time of visit. :))

It simply means that it’s not meant to be mine.. hehe. Anyway, I decided to spoil y’all with the contents of the lovely planner. Do check out the photos after the jump!

More photos after the jump

More photos after the jump

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