Out and about with the Nikon P300

I brought my camera with me when I went out this afternoon to do a couple of errands. I wasn’t planning to do anything big with it but take a couple of test shots inside the mall where low-light areas are plenty while having my snack. Heck, I didn’t have any intentions of staying longer than 30 minutes. Wait for it..

Lo and behold, when I was near the mall entrance, someone called my name.

Three of my friends from high school were hanging out just outside the mall entrance. Haha. I thought to myself, oh perfect timing! I’m glad I brought my camera with me.. I finally have subjects to take photos of! :))

We stayed at the mall’s food court from late afternoon to 7pm. We talked about all sorts of things from that time when someone threw a mayo container at Carlo cuz he kept annoying our classmate by singing Manson’s “Sweet Dreams” to her (always makes me laugh everytime this is brought up, this goes way back in freshman year!), up to weekend plans, and the most random topic was probably about sharing their love woes and problems. I won’t tell who shared their story here, of course. All I’m saying is I was the one who asked/started the topic. =)) What? I was curious. In a nutshell, the four of us were CATCHING UP. πŸ˜‰

So here are a couple of photos from tonight w/ my friends. More photos under the cut.

Oh! Wait, I added something new to this.. since I was testing out the camera, I added before and after photos. Just hover over the image to view the original. Just so you know what the quality is like of the Nikon P300. :) I only have it enabled on some of the images though. A few didn’t need to be post processed so I leave it as is.

Fancy a scramble?

Fancy a scramble?

I was torn between posting the post-processed photos or just upload them straight from camera (after resizing and adding watermarks to them)… but I decided to just do both. At the end of this post, there’s a short conclusion about it. I think it’s enough to cover what I wanted to achieve in this test. Haha. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if ever. πŸ˜€ Continue reading..

New pick-ups!

I’m probably using the term ‘pick ups’ in the wrong context but I couldn’t think of anything right now. Yeah, obviously I didn’t buy shoes, you can cross that off the list. I thought it sounded cool tho, so.. πŸ˜›

So okay, what a day. I was out from morning – afternoon doing errands and personal errands. My entire afternoon was spent roaming around SM Mall of Asia until the person I’m supposed to meet shows up on our agreed time so I can get these new gadgets I ordered this morning. I’m certain that I have went around the entire mall in that 3 hours of waiting.

Three hours later, I got a confirmation text saying that the guy is at the meeting place and just approach him so I can pay up and get my items.

Sounds sleazy, huh? That’s what I thought, too. Lol. When I met the person (probably just one of the assistants of the person who runs the business where I got my gadgets), he seemed harmless. Anywaaaay!

New toys!!!

New toys!!!

Can you guess which album this little birdy is from?

Can you guess which album this little birdy is from?

Aside from the obvious that I bought myself a new digicam and an external flash for my DSLR, can you guess what’s the other item that I bought? πŸ˜› Continue reading..

On First Impressions and Meeting New Faces

So.. this happened last Sunday.

IDK why this is my favorite BTS photo of us. Yes, w/ the Enchong Dee.

IDK why this is my favorite BTS photo of us. Yes, w/ the Enchong Dee.

I was invited, ok more like told to go there because I’m required to (hehe), to Enchong Dee’s 23rd birthday party organized by an online fangroup called Only Enchong Dee (OED for short). I was hesitant at first because I didn’t know many people except for the heads, or “admins” as most of the members prefer to address them by, but I went ahead and I did not regret a single second of it when things started to unveil infront of my eyes. :)) (Warning: This is a very, very long entry) Continue reading..

Post-Graduation Goodies

Today’s visit to DLS-CSB can be considered as my last ever because aside from picking up photos from my graduation and my alumni ID as well, I can’t think of another purpose to go back.

I do have a few reasons why I would not want to go back for any visit. First off, the security is rather strict w/ visitors even to the alumnis! I hate to deal with those things only to get more rejected in the end, it makes me feel embarrassed to be rejected infront of the other students. You have to have a really valid reason to even get past the gates. Ugh, I was once a student you know! Part of my tuition goes to your salary! Hahaha, kidding and bitterness aside, I know they’re only doing their job. I guess I still have this kind of superiority feeling because most of the people who are left there now are the lower batches. =))

Anyway! This morning I went to school to return my graduation toga in exchange for a “hefty” refund amount, pick up the ~professional~ photos from my graduation, and have my alumni ID made.

Here are photos of my ID and the photos! Lol let’s see if you can spot me in any of our class photos, it’s too blurry even for me.

Alumni ID

Alumni ID

Continue reading..

On my first attempt to make a quick mix consisting of just 8 tracks

Lazy Saturdays: A particular Saturday wherein you don’t feel like getting out of your bed and you just want to lock yourself in your room all day.

Today is one of those days.

I woke up late today from staying up really late last night from watching trailers at YouTube mostly of Jim Caviezel’s movies and interviews. Go watch that particular interview of him with Will Ferrell when you can, that cracks me up everytime. :))

When I woke up this afternoon it was almost 2pm. So, the usual, I go online and I chanced upon this website from one of the people I follow on tumblr. A site called 8tracks.com where you can make mixes consisting of 8 tracks (or more? not sure). Their only rule is your mix should not have more than two tracks of the same artist.

So much for a ‘quick mix’, making my first one actually took me an hour. From deciding which songs to put up to making the impromptu album art.

Be nice to my first ever legit quickly put up mix, please? πŸ˜›

Making mixtapes for me is kind of a hit and miss thing. I don’t get it sometimes, like, is there a formula for it? All I know is, what was running in my mind while deciding the songs is that they should be mellow, chill and ‘light sounding’ songs. I hope those three were achieved with the songs I put in here.

Not The First Time Lily Dreams On: A Rainy Saturday Mix by Anna
(this list is not in order but these are the songs I put in)

1. The Weepies – Stars
2. Jason Mraz – Summer Breeze
3. Jack Johnson – Hope
4. Norah Jones – Don’t Know Why
5. Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am
6. Feist – Brandy Alexander
7. Cultured Pearls – Not This Time
8. Cotten Mather – Lily Dreams On

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the title is a mashup of the last two songs. XD