Hong Kong, after 5 years.

Trivia: The title refers to my last visit to Hong Kong which was 5 years ago. Back then I was 17 years old, life was different then. I felt that I saw the good side of Hong Kong and in a different perspective in that time. This time, I’m seeing HK in a new light. As an adult, as a 20-something, as a soon-to-be-graduate!

A lot of things happened last week. This is one of them.

Typical Hong Kong tourist shot hahaha

First off, I had an impromptu trip to Hong Kong with my dad to help him with his business. Then there’s also our graduation last Saturday. All of these happened just last week, in one week. Talk about a very cramped schedule.

This post, however, will just be about my HK trip. Read more…

Of Graduation Rehearsals, Mexican Dining, and Live Music

Yesterday was probably the busiest day I’ve had yet as far as my pre-graduation streak of procrastinating around is concerned. I had school in the morning up until early afternoon for graduation practices. Later that afternoon, I met with a friend (brought along our mutual friend with us) and went to the Mall of Asia to try out this Mexican restaurant my friend and I were talking about a week ago. Last but not the last, we went to this groovy bar somewhere in Malate, Manila to watch one of my friend’s favorite bands.

Tiring but it was satisfying in a way that I was busy all day. Hey, at least I got out of the house after all the weeks of rotting like a vegetable. :))

Here’s a teaser from my busy Saturday. The rest of the photos are under the cut!

Edrik, Jortz, Kervin, Andrew, Nem fooling around

Edrik, Jortz, Kervin, Andrew, Nem fooling around

Boys will be boys, hahaha.

Um, most of my photos are of them because since I graduated late (my friends, “barkada” if you will, graduated last July) I didn’t know most of the people I’m graduating with in this batch ‘cept for these people. Hm, no, wait, I do know most of the people as familiar faces. As for acquaintances, I didn’t get a proper photo with them though because we were in a hurry to get our photos shot, my cap kept falling off and that annoyed me, tldr, mopey Anna had difficulty asking people to take photos w/ other people lol. K.

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Random Cravings

This looks cute, I like it.

Mocha flavored Zagu drink

Mocha flavored Zagu drink

Been craving for a Zagu drink for WEEKS now. Though it’s probably not the best time to get one of these because I’ll be having a ‘serious photoshoot’ during the weekend and I’m breaking out like crazy. :( Hopefully make up can cover it up very well. Hmph.

I blame Taco Bell for this huge zit I have now, grrrrrrr. 😕 I should’ve waited until next month to nom everything I crave for since I have no reason to prettify myself by then (graduation would’ve passed, thus unemployed and being more of a bum).

Anyway, that’s all. Lol, I just made a solid blog post about food and my cravings. 😳

BTW, upgrading to OS X Lion was a success! I know I’m a million years late (in tech years, that is) but it’s better late than never. I don’t see that much differences tbh. Maybe I just needed to do something along of the lines of upgrading to my computer system yesterday because of boredom.

What I love about OS X Lion right now is the capability of selected programs to be viewed in full screen. Right now, my Google Chrome is in fullscreen. Lovely. 😎

Backing up for Lion

Doing the necessary backups before finally saying goodbye to Snow Leopard and a big, big hello to Lion.

I hope I don’t chicken out again. Or maybe to chicken out is a good idea, since according to some reviews Lion isn’t that good at all.

Yup, I’m using Time Machine for the very first time.

There's always a first time for everything

There’s always a first time for everything