Jollibee Hash Brown Burger

Fast food companies nowadays have this trend (as I’d like to call it) with their burgers, like they’re trying to come up with a burger that’s unique as much as possible. As far as I know, it started with KFC’s Double Down burgers. Unfortunately for them, the DD burger will never get my attention and make me crave for it so bad to actually try it out because it looks really oily/icky/nasty/disgusting. Also, I’m not really a person who fancies eating burgers that can barely fit in her mouth, lol.

With that said, the McDonald’s regular burger is more than enough for me, to be honest. There are times when I get Army Navy’s regular burger, too. But with that burger, I sometimes split it with my brother since it’s too heavy for my tummy.

Heh, oh yeah, happy 30th year to McDonald’s today! Believe me, doing this ‘review’ of your competitor on this day is a big coincidence. It slipped my mind that it’s your 30th year today and the Hash Brown Burger is calling my attention, so there. 😛

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Jollibee Hash Brown Burger

Jollibee Hash Brown Burger

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Music Wrap-Up Sundays

Lately I’ve been jumping from one activity to another. It’s bad because I don’t get to focus but at this point do I really have a choice? I’ve earned this much free time and I’ll do whatever the hell I want (except spend all my savings in one place).

One of the things I’ve been spending extra time on is fixing my music library for my iPod, iTunes library and having a hi-res backup of these albums burned to a DVD.

Also, I’ve been on the hunt for new music, too. It’s convenient that most of the new releases that pops nowadays are from artists that I listen to frequently. Check out my current (old and new) album picks after the cut!

Featuring the new albums of Evanescence, Demi Lovato and Blink 182 and Young the Giant! :)

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On shopping

I really don’t like to shop sometimes because once I get home and look at the stuff I bought, I start to regret and think I should’ve bought the other pair I was considering instead.

Like this one, for example. I originally wanted this type of shoes in yellow or dark purple but the guy who was manning over the stall kept saying they didn’t have either colors in my size on stock. I dunno but I think he could’ve told me in a more polite way, and I think he was being an asshole towards the customer (me) at that time.

Regretting this purchase rn

Regretting this purchase rn

Fine, I’ll choose another color instead.. settled with black and same thing there’s no pair available in my size. Lastly, I’m left with this lame-ass light purple, grey and brown. Fitted all three and they looked awkward with the jeans I wore.

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Adieu, college!

Final grades for my final term in college

Final grades for my final term in college

I wasn’t gonna post this yet but I realized while I was doing my rounds around the blogosphere that I am turning a year old in a few minutes and I haven’t made this big announcement yet. Also, this would be my last entry as a (insert current age as of this moment) here.

Lol, me turning a year older is not the big announcement, jsyk.

So, yes, here’s a photo of my final grades from last, my final, term in college. Passing grades means I’m cleared of all academic obligations and I’m on my way to graduating!!! 😀

5 years stay in CSB, 70+ classes taken, immeasurable hours spent of doing creative work infront of the computer, priceless moments with people that I met, became friends with and turned to close buddies. T’was a good experience for me. I thought I wouldn’t last in MMA but I did.

You might be wondering why is that business plan in the photo and how relevant is it/what is its importance. Well, I can’t really explain right now (cause I’m on a time limit here w/ this entry, haha) BUT you’ll know once you’re in your final term in college and you have to take this class. I assure you though that the experience varies from prof to prof. 😉 Y’all know what I’m talking about if you’ve taken this class.

I’d love to get more sentimental about my college years but that’s for another entry.. in a few weeks time. Or months. See ya!

PS: Thanks for your sweet feedback about my layout on the previous entry. Means a lot! :heart: