Early Birthday Gift

Aside from receiving my own copy of the poster I made for our event last July 14 and my own ID (it made me feel like I was a part of the crew/staff and that I mattered a lot, ok? :P) I also received this early birthday gift from my buddy Chie. :)

The artist’s signature.. hahaha. Check out the big picture after the jump!



Of course the gift would have to be something Incubus related since it was Incubus night. 😛 I first saw her Brandon Boyd artwork posted on her tumblr so I bugged her if she can make me one of their DJ. Haha. Here’s the result.

Kilmore drawing by Chie de Leon

DJ Kilmore by Chie de Leon

Guess you can say that he was smoking the herb again on that photo

I joked around saying that I would pay for it after because I bothered her and all but she was nice enough to make this a gift to me instead. I’m a happy camper indeed! Thank you so much, Chie! BTW, she has a shop called Southshore Beach Shop. Check it out, it’s a must for people who frequently go to the beach and surfers!

I will have this artwork framed soon and put up somewhere in my room. So far, this is the only artwork I have. The one and only artwork I have on my wall.

The only thing I have on my wall

Incubus MNL 2008 Concert poster

My mom suggested that we move that artwork facing my bed and I flatly told her no because it might scare me off when I wake up one morning and see a red figure with monsters surrounding it. :))

BTW, did you know that the type of gift I like the most are personalized gifts? Drawings, letters, notes, cards. Those things! The second type of gift I like are the usual material things.. clothes, shoes, etc. girl stuff, BUT before all that material things, first comes the expensive techy stuff like laptops, cameras and Apple products. 😛

My birthday is two months from now. *hint hint*

  • http://mellelee.com Melle lee

    That was a nice gift.. That was so sweeeeet of Chie.. Did she make those? I love it.. Her artwork is really <3 Wish someone would also give me one too.. lol

    Seems like you really like Incubus.. hmmmm I also like personalized gifts than getting someone thats already ready made..

    Advance happy birthday

  • http://ohlockedheart.com dianne

    cool! She did that right? She’s good! :)

  • http://fuckyeahsoutherngirl.tumblr.com Chie

    Eeee I didn’t know you blogged about this! You’re always welcome. Glad you liked it :) <3
    Thanks for our Incubus adventure last Thursday!!!

  • http://munieca.co.cc VIÑA

    great artwork you got there! thumbs up for chie!

  • http://www.misswicked.org Dre

    That’s pretty cool! I love the artwork. I wish I can draw like that. Good job, Chie!