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July 2011


Early Birthday Gift

Aside from receiving my own copy of the poster I made for our event last July 14 and my own ID (it made me feel like I was a part of the crew/staff and that I mattered a lot, ok? :P) I also received this early birthday gift from my buddy Chie. :)

The artist’s signature.. hahaha. Check out the big picture after the jump!



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Last Thursday Night

The 14th of July last week was definitely an eventful one for me. One, it was the day for my portfolio to be evaluated by an external panelist (aka a possible employer when I’m done with college, will talk about it on another entry). Two, it was finally Incubus night!

The event that we (the Incubus Street Team Philippines) have planned since April is finally happening. We know that the planning process wasn’t perfect. A lot of things happened during those 3 months of planning. But as we all know, a successful event isn’t successful if not for its bells and whistles in between.

INNW Tarpaulin

I’m happy to announce that it has been a week since the event and it has been a very big success! Around 300 people attended and we were able to reach our goal of getting enough funds to donate to our chosen groups and charities. It was a night filled of fans, bands and music all for Incubus. A night of Incubus music BY Incubus fans FOR Incubus fans indeed! (I hope I got that right, haha!)

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