If not now, when?

I really have no consistency whatsoever with updating my blog. Somehow, I find it easier to update on tumblr than in WordPress but the thing is I’m not letting go of my WordPress blog and completely move to tumblr!

Lemme set that aside and share to you something that I’m sure would be of interest to you and hopefully you’d love to be a part of (nope, I won’t be persuading you to try a new product or invite you to come with me to some secluded place where I will sell you something + end up with you paying me to join our little networking thingymajig).

Alright, drum roll please!

An Incubus Tribute Party: If Not Now, When?

An Incubus Tribute Party: If Not Now, When?

Incubus Street Team Philippines
Proudly Presents

An Incubus Tribute Party: “If Not Now, When?”
July 14, 2011
9PM, B-Side Makati

With Performances by:
Dash Between Dates
Soil and Green
Letter Day Story

Tickets will be at P150 for the benefit of Make Yourself Foundation, Bantay Bata 163, and Rock Ed Philippines.
**In celebration of the forthcoming album and Manila leg of their 2011-2012 World Tour.

>>New Incubus Album “If Not Now, When” will be sold at the Venue
>>Incubus Philippines Shirts will be sold at the Venue

Special Thanks to our Sponsors: Jack TV, Universal Channel, Ovation Productions, Store and Stack, Sony Music, At The Womb, Indie Band News, UR Face Radio, Full Circle Communications, Odyssey Music and Video, Odysseylive.net and MYX, our official Music Channel

Are you in???? Hope to see you guys!

Finally! This is the result of 3 months planning, staying up late at night doing revisions, setting aside my schoolwork.. all for the love of DJ Kilmore Incubus! Goddamnit, Incubus, y’all should see the efforts of the Philippine Street Team!

I’d like to thank the team for giving me the opportunity to work on this project in the design area. Thank you So0o0o0 (lol imagine the hosts of the local show Happy Yippee Yehey saying this, its funny/irritating/bothersome at the same time) much (!!!!) for the opportunity!  ;;)

I’d like to point out that I sortakinda want to make this a mini meet up for you guys. Hehee, there are some folks I am expecting to see there and maybe meet some of you IRL after years of just knowing them online. 8D Hahaha who am I talking to, do I still have readers here? LOL

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