15 Things From the 2015 Manila International Book Fair


In all of the Manila International Book Fair events I’ve been to in the past couple of years, this year is the one where I’ve been active from the first day to the last. Also, this is my fourth time to attend, the last one was in 2012 (33rd Manila Intl. Book Fair: Haul & More).

I was not expecting that I would be this active in this year at all! The funny thing is I promised myself to these two conditions in the course of this year’s book fair:

  1. I would only go there one time, during weekday to avoid the crowd and
  2. Go to one book signing event

Apparently, the opposite happened. Not only did I went there more than once, but I also went to several book signings within the book fair venue throughout that week. What a busy and expensive week that was!

It’s been four days since the 36th Manila International Book Fair. I wanted to write about the experience sooner, but hmm.. had to let everything sink in first. Lots of events happened!  Continue reading…

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Blogging Platforms: Which One Should You Choose?

There was a time in the blogosphere (Blog/ging world? Blogging community? I feel the term I just used is ancient and outdated!) that many bloggers felt torn about making that decision whether they should stay in their current blogging platform or to go big and choose another platform that may serve their blogging purposes better and suitable for long-term use. I’d like to call the latter part of the last sentence “making the blog future-proof“.

Future-proof: Capable of adapting or conforming to standards not yet known; customizable.

(Definition from

I mentioned the keyword long term earlier and I want to clarify that this is not to say that whatever blogging platform you’re using right now for your blog, isn’t suitable for long time use.. although(!) it probably has its own advantages and disadvantages, like every other product does.

That’s what I will try to get into for today. Today I’ll be showing you, from my experience, what are good blogging platforms to consider when deciding to blog; should you consider changing blogging platforms; and why have I stuck with a few reliable ones all these years. Continue reading…


5 Thoughts OnBoard an Airline Experiencing Turbulence

I was in Hong Kong last week for business, not for leisure and pleasure and shopping (sadly). But I was still able to get some fun and appreciation for it… After all, free travel is still travel. I got some groceries and skincare products that aren’t available here and stayed in a nicer hotel compared to if I were to go on my own to pursue my own reasons why I am going there. 😆

My biggest takeaway from this trip was experiencing that unexpected turbulence in our flight back to Manila on Wednesday night, just a few hours before my birthday. To begin with, the weather wasn’t looking good last Monday and I was worried that the trip won’t push through, despite being a very very short visit. Thankfully we didn’t get to experience heavy rains during our stay; only drizzles, no major rainfalls or typhoons. Continue reading…

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#bookbedblinddates: Blind Dates With Books



I am currently participating in a book exchange hosted by bookbed, a book blogging community I follow.

Here’s a little background about them: The blog is run by a group of dedicated bookworms and book bloggers from the Philippines. Some of their members are also good friends I met through tumblr. With that said, I originally heard about them on tumblr a few years ago, where they started.

When I found them, it was during that time I was a quite the book hoarder. Turns out that they had a lot of books that I wanted up for sale (perfect!). Their prices are competitive and the books are mostly in good condition. Best believe I went shopping when I saw their wide range of book choices up for ‘bedding’ (their term for selling, I guess?).

I have a happy bookshelf because of them! Thanks to you, bookbed! 😀

Edit: As of September 17, most of us in the exchange group have received our books, yay! Read my progress so far by clicking the page links below, after the cut.

Continue reading…