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#FFCPH6: Where Do Bloggers Fit In Webdesign Conferences?


The recently concluded Form and Function Class 6, organized by the Philippine Web Designers Organization was held last weekend at the Hive Hotel in Quezon City. Rarely are we made aware of quality annual design events such as this one especially for the webdesign industry in the Philippines. I thought there’s only Graphika Manila conference that ‘represents’ the design industry when it comes to PH conventions! Continue reading…

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October Recap


While I was backreading my blog yesterday, I realized that I haven’t written anything for the month of October other than my previous post which was a semi-detailed account of my hospital staycation~. Thanks for your well wishes, everyone! Feeling better now, actually.. so-so. But I’ll try to be positive and try my best to be well. Really, really would rather not spend anymore on hospital bills. :(

In a few weeks it’ll be December already.. oh, before that, Black Friday sales on various major US stores so money should be saved for our materialistic needs!! LOL

My blog may have been unupdated for weeks, but if you have been following me on Twitter, I have been tweeting there from time to time (especially during OTWOL hour.. on nights I’d catch it on TV). Microblogs are just easier to update. Continue reading…


Lessons During My Hospital Staycation



Guess what: I was hospitalized for a couple of days earlier this week! My post title may say staycation, but it was the last thing that was about. Definitely the least favorite type of situation away from everything I’ve ever been in.

Being in the hospital meant that whatever I was feeling, whatever level of sickness I had.. I couldn’t hold it in much longer and nurse myself back to normal on my own. Let’s say this is my last resort kind of thing when it came to the point that I asked the help of my mom to drive me to the hospital to let doctors do their job.

What I thought was just a simple viral flu and cough, and could be fixed with some measly bed rest, drinking a LOT of fluids and taking antibiotics and other appropriate medicines for my situation, turned out to be much more than that. I couldn’t be any more wrong about my own guesses with what I could be experiencing. It’s been days, the medicines should have worked. Why hasn’t it worked yet?  Continue reading…


15 Things From the 2015 Manila International Book Fair


In all of the Manila International Book Fair events I’ve been to in the past couple of years, this year is the one where I’ve been active from the first day to the last. Also, this is my fourth time to attend, the last one was in 2012 (33rd Manila Intl. Book Fair: Haul & More).

I was not expecting that I would be this active in this year at all! The funny thing is I promised myself to these two conditions in the course of this year’s book fair:

  1. I would only go there one time, during weekday to avoid the crowd and
  2. Go to one book signing event

Apparently, the opposite happened. Not only did I went there more than once, but I also went to several book signings within the book fair venue throughout that week. What a busy and expensive week that was!

It’s been four days since the 36th Manila International Book Fair. I wanted to write about the experience sooner, but hmm.. had to let everything sink in first. Lots of events happened!  Continue reading…