Things I Love in December

Time sure flies fast! In 3 days, it’ll be Christmas day here. But in the Philippines, we all know that Christmas starts as soon as we hit the month of September! :P Also, maybe it’s just me but it’s more exciting to celebrate during Christmas eve than Christmas day (the morning after). Don’t know, it feels like a normal day after that. Same goes for New Year’s Eve/Day. Thoughts?

I believe this might be my 2nd to the last OR the last post for this year. In that case, happy holidays/Merry Christmas to you!

Happy Holidays! by Anna Esguerra

Have you prepared for the most joyous event of the year? Let me guess: You’ve exhausted your yearly savings from all the gift shopping for your family and friends. Me? I have been selfish¬†naughty this latter part this year (#treatyoself) and bought all of the things I want for myself that I can afford for now. BUT BEFORE YOU THINK I AM AN AWFUL PERSON — know that I did my share of selflessness and gave my friends and relevant people their gifts earlier this year. I quite like to spoil people when I give them gifts.

Do gifts always need to be wrapped in fancy packaging? Does gift-giving always need to be done on certain days of the year? It doesn’t have to be like that, right? Why would you wait, when you can do it now? When there are other days you can do it, you have 364 other days to choose from! Yeah — I’ve done the act of selfless giving, reached my quota. Read more…

Kimbra Live in Manila 2014

I had the privilege of watching the lovely Kimbra Lee Johnson perform live at the MADFest (Music + Art + Dance) 2014 by Jack TV last December 5. This was also the first time she visited the country; and from the photos that surfaced during the time, it looked like she had a great time. She and her entourage visited a couple of places and did loads of fun stuff. Touristy by my standards, but still looked fun. Happy that she was entertained throughout her stay here.

Kimbra for MADFest2014 by Anna Esguerra

A band had just finished their set when my friend and I got inside the MOA concert grounds. I had little time to go around the entire venue to check out the art installations and fun things set up for guests.. only got to enter an hour before Kimbra’s set. Yes, shame on me for coming in late and missing the rest of the amazing performers. Urbandub was the band that I got to see before our headliner. They are great performers as always! Though the songs they performed, save for a few like the famous “First of Summer”,¬†weren’t familiar to me anymore.. must be new songs.

Later on after the show, and also some peeking around social media.. I realize the lineup of the performers were: From 4PM til midnight were bands, and then at midnight Kimbra would take over the stage, and DJs and EDM music people til 4AM. I could be wrong. :P

So many musicians that night, but the total number of bands/artists I’ve seen that night were only two. I should know better than to go late at events like this! :P Skimming over blog posts about this event, there were at least 3 other local bands that I would’ve loved to watch (again) if only I arrived hours earlier.

Since the show started around 4-5PM.. people have been waiting and standing all night waiting for her. When the clock struck at midnight… there was a countdown and at the moment we hit the big “one”, she finally came out the stage. Read more…

Like Lullabies, You Are Forever in my Mind: Lang Leav in Manila

Lang Leav was in the country last week for a couple of book signing tours around the Metro. There was also one book signing tour outside Metro Manila but it got canceled, since everyone was preparing for the upcoming typhoon. Sad for her Cebuano fans who weren’t able to see her this time, but Lang happily told some fans on her FB page that she will be back.. and it was said like it was certain to happen in the future. (Yay!)

Weeks leading up to the weekend of the Manila book signing tour, I was becoming antsy and uncertain if I REALLY wanted to attend. For one, I do not want to wake up early. I hate waking up early. Who does that?! Read more…