Pop-Up Blog Sale: Brush Pens, Scrapbook Items, Apica Notebook

In case anyone’s interested or looking for these, I have a couple of extra art materials from my recent shopping last week up for sale. Most of these are still brand new and unused. If anything, they were only opened to be tested once and there’s a very good chance that more than 95% of ink is still left in it. 

Featuring in this sale ad are Zig Kuretake Wink of Stella brush pens, Pentel Fude brush pens, and the Apica Premium Silky Notebook.

More information and options for payment, and how to contact me are written after the cut. Final note: Everything in the photo above is still available unless noted otherwise, and I only have one stock of each. All of these are on-hand too. :) Read more…

First Impression: Pilot 0.7 FriXion Gel Pens

You may be wondering what’s the big deal about these pens that I had to write a post w/ my first impressions about it. To start off, the Pilot FriXion pen line are pens that uses a special type of ink that’s erasable. From what I remember they have this for ballpoint pens, gel pens, highlighters, and even coloring markers. Yes you read that right, erasable ink. Another cool quality about it is that the eraser, supposedly, does not leave any residue, nor does it wear down for some reason. You won’t ever have to worry about using up all the eraser and having to buy an extra one. Lastly, the pens are refillable, so no need  to dispose the entire pen if you use up all the ink. Buy refills and it’ll be good as new.

These types of pens have been around for a long time, so they’re not exactly new or something to rave about. My earliest memory of using pens like these were back in middle school. It was the fad back then, a gimmick pen (lol) and after sometime when everyone has moved on to the next coolest thing for children to own, I had also forgotten about it.

Fast forward to 2014, I found about these erasable ink pens from Pilot, with the “FriXion” label and they come in variety of colors and kinds. All of these I discovered while I was browsing Jetpens for hours! Haha. The erasable ink pens have come a long way since then. For the most part, I think the erasing quality has also improved.

Let’s see how well these pens perform and if they’re worth the price tag and are worth buying. Read more…

My love-hate relationship w/ hand-drawn art

Attempting to do calligraphy, and I obviously cannot

I love art, but I love type even more. When it comes to graphic design, I prefer to focus more and study (if I could, I would) more on type. I think it’s the simplest form of visual communication that’s very flexible to work with as soon as you’ve worked your way around it. The possibilities of manipulating type, visually, are endless too.

Now, like everybody else, I, of course, would like to try my hand at it, too. There’s this trend I noticed for a couple of months now. Everyone’s suddenly into hand lettering, calligraphy. Before, it was called “Doodling”, to me at least. People writing off random words, or could be lyrics, passages, quotes, etc., and not just writing it for the sake of writing, but writing it beautifully. Design it with pens, markers, whathaveyou.

And so.. After resisting hard from joining the bandwagon of letterers, calligraphers, last but not the least “doodlers”.. I gave in, surrendered and joined in the craze of hand lettering! Read more…