Romoss Sailing 5 Powerbank Review

After months and months of looking around online and researching which powerbank to get, I finally found the perfect one for my needs! From the generic China brands, to ones w/ known brand names, to high-end brands, I chose the Romoss Sailing series powerbank. Ain’t she a beauty? Haha

Romoss Sailing 5Romoss Sailing 5, 13000mAh capacity

First of all, I am very picky when it comes to things like these. I did not want to keep buying and trying different types of it until I happen to luckily purchase the one that fits my needs.. it would be a waste to have all sorts of smaller-capacity powerbanks, don’t you think? So I picked the one that at least has more capacity than the first powerbank I had (which I sold after). Couldn’t be more happier with my purchase. :) More photos under the cut! Continue reading

One item off my bucketlist: Traveling Alone and the Mishaps of a First Timer Lone Traveler

Correction: My imaginary bucketlist! I don’t keep and take note of whatever dream goal list because half the time I think they are unattainable. Speaks levels of my optimism in general, doesn’t it? Lol

Warning: Very, very long post.

So yeah, I traveled alone. For the first time. And like every first timer, it was a very big deal for me at the time and I thought I won’t be able to survive, thought I’d make a scene in the airport and cry etc etc but thank the high heavens~ I didn’t. IT’S FUNNY NOW BUT IT WASN’T AT THE TIME.

Actually, I just laugh at everything embarrassing that happened in those four days now.  Continue reading

A Night Out to the Casino vs. Doing it at Home, Online

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Over the years, the internet has provided us easier ways to accomplish tasks we normally do “offline” such as paying the bills, depositing money in the bank; shopping at your favorite shops through their websites; and my favorite would be shopping during sale season because I don’t have to rummage both w/ and against the crowd and I can get the best deals from the comfort of my room.

At the end of the day, when I want to unwind after a long busy day, perhaps try my luck at a casino see if lady luck is still there and help me win a little money on the side? For shopping, silly! Lol. There are two things I could do, though, to get on with this.. either I could play online, OR dress up and head to the nearest hotel and casino in my neighborhood. The first option presents a lot of conveniences compared to the second option, though. First convenience is that I definitely can do all the playing from the comfort of my room, and I can just be in my normal lazy clothes outfit. Who has the time to dress up to the nines these days? We’re all lazy here. Haha! Continue reading

Mixtape: These Past Few Days

I’m still in that never-ending process of learning the right way to make a proper mixtape, so bear with me if this is terrible. I know the mix isn’t consistent, or of the same genre. Probably no one will like this.

How dare I call myself a “music aficionado” if I can’t even put up a decent mix, right?! Well, I’m not. And I certainly have no future as a DJ now ( ironic, I love DJ Kilmore of Incubus but I suck at DJing). But I do listen to a lot of music. Won’t bother listing the genres because I will get in trouble for it. :))

Anyhoo, my goal for my mixtapes is to capture the moment in them. If that makes any sense. Since at the end of the day, I’ll be mostly the only one listening to it. Haha.

This mixtape contains a few songs that were of some importance from what happened these past three days. During some of those moments, these were the following songs that.. started playing in my head, or what I was listening to in the background. Lol.

It’s a very weird mix, I’d like to think it is. But I’m hoping you discover a new song or two from it. Enjoy(?)!

Yeah I know, the album art is so original (not!). What can you do.. it’s the middle of the night! Hahaha. I edited the photo in LINE app, lol. Yes that is my handwriting, it’s not normally like that. It only looks like that because I’m writing on good paper and using a nice pen.

OH and if anyone is curious (LOL), that notepad I got it for P50 at SM’s stationery department. Most of the letters of the alphabet were available except for the ones I wanted (like the letter A, X, I, N)… or some letters looked nice but not nicely designed. So I had to make do and pick a design w/ a nicely designed monogram. The L was the only one that looked up to par w/ my design standards ….hahahaha just kidding.

PS: May I just say that Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories album is so soothing and chill to listen to? o_O I’m close to saying that this is their best album yet. Then again I do not have an extended knowledge of their music other than the stuff from their Greatest Hits album hahaha.

My Unpopular Not Really 7107-Related Night

Everyone has their share of opinions about the recently concluded 7107 music festival last weekend. No, I didn’t go. (#brokeassblogger problems) But would it count for anything that I did go to one of the mall shows w/ a couple of their artists headlining it?

Well I did, and it was ‘nice’. I am not a fan nor do I know a handful of songs from both performers, but it’s still something. At the end of the day I’d have my own story related to 7107 to tell people about. Hahahaha. Not close, not quite, but still somehow connected.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. 

So what really happened was that I accompanied a friend (who’s already going to the festival itself the next day, w/ tickets and hotel accommodation already set, by the way) to the 2nd mall show featuring The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Astroid Galaxy Tour. It was in the Venice Piazza mall in the McKinley Hill, BGC. Far from where I usually go. Show’s venue was at the open area location.

Venice Piazza Mall, McKinley Hill BGC

It was my 2nd time to go to that mall and we even got lost on our way there. That’s what happens when you try to save up money by taking multiple public transports even though you have no concrete idea how to go there instead of saving time (but not money) and getting a cab in the first place that’ll take you there. Luckily when we arrived, the show hasn’t started yet.  Continue reading