Big Blog Exchange 2014: Can the Underdog Win This Time Around?

Vote for So Stellar in the Big Blog Exchange 2014

Please vote for SO STELLAR in the Big Blog Exchange 2014

WHAT is the BBE about and what is at stake for the winners?

This link shall answer the first question. As for the second question: Top 16 bloggers from the 100 MOST VOTED blog participants will be chosen to exchange countries w/ other chosen bloggers for TEN DAYS in a trip of a lifetime and will be documenting each happening during the trip, every step along the way.

HOW do I vote?

Simply click on the image on top of this post or go directly to my entry’s short URL Click on “Vote for me” and enter a valid email address. Wait for an email from Team BBE containing a link which you must click in order for your vote to be validated. You may vote ONCE a day per email address, starting today up to 3rd of September.

Just finished voting, what do I now?

It doesn’t stop there. In order for my blog to be considered, voting must be done every so often until the deadline which is in September 3rd. Once a day you can vote with your email, after that, you can vote after 24 hours. Oh and THANK YOU, if ever you did vote for me. Let me know in the comments if you did so I can properly acknowledge you. (Or tweet me, it’s faster!)

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On Melanie Martinez’s “Dollhouse” EP

When it comes to music, I rarely write an opinionated piece about it.. especially reviews. I just don’t feel credible enough for it. It’s more likely because of my lack of knowledge when it comes to the “terms” used in the subject. I would tweet what I think about a song, or a particular album, and then I would share a link to it on my Twitter. Nothing comes after that.

Melanie Martinez Dollhouse EP

But upon stumbling Melanie Martinez’s single for her Dollhouse EP.. I felt that I must write something about it.

First impressions on Dollhouse MV:

  1. Creepy intro
  2. Intro is long
  3. More creepiness but not something that I can’t appreciate
  4. Song is kinda too long but maybe I got too used to listening to shorter songs(??)
  5. Throughout the song I realize it could pass as a Lana Del Rey song, though it’s more upbeat than the usual (that I know of)

By the time I was listening to the song for the third time, I began to love the lyrics as well.  Read more…

On my newfound fondness for Jessie J

Jessie J Live in Manila

Maybe it makes you think that from this post’s headline, this post is going to be one of those types wherein I would incessantly talk about the artist and putting them in good light. Sort of, maybe. 

But given what I experienced from Jessie J’s recent show here in Manila, who wouldn’t?! So hear me out. ;)

Before the concert, I only knew a handful of her songs. Most of them are songs I would hear on the radio, or on  TV, everywhere even at someone’s autoplay music in their social media profile LOL. And then three days before her show, Janelle asked me if I am available to help her cover the event (which she wrote about after here, check it out!). With no hesitations, I said yes to her invitation. I get to watch a concert and take photos — instantly two things I LOVE to do.

Jessie J Live in Manila

I only had a few hours to prep myself that Monday afternoon. Having just came back to the city after a long weekend at the province with my friends exploring Bohol (to be discussed in another post!).. I barely had time. Took a nap as soon as I got home, and later I just put a random Jessie J Spotify playlist I found while I was getting ready. Infairness, that playlist was helpful! Read more…

Oh, Sundays.

On a normal day, posts like this one would go into my tumblr blog. But today, I thought of changing that habit. Since no one reads this blog that much nor do I have a sizeable amount of followers to react violently to this post (I hope, LOL) I’m gonna post it here!

Also, when I’m blogging on tumblr, it seems like a short post always, always ends up being 5x longer than I intend it to be. So I hope blogging~ this in a different platform would shorten it, IDK.

Text-heavy post, just saying! :P  Read more…

Experimenting with Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic is an iPhone camera app that can emulate the effects of lomo cameras in its photos with the help of the different “filters” in form of films and lens that comes with it upon downloading. There are a few films, lenses, and flash(es? haha) that came with it, the rest you can get buy from the store.

Embarrassing to admit but I may or may not just have blew some money on buying a lot of lens and films (and flashes, sure, they came w/ some of the packs anyway) in the past week. I know I can achieve the same effects with other alternative and free(!) or cheaper apps, but let me enjoy this because I was deprived of all the cool camera apps the last time I had an iPhone! :P

I tried to utilize these new add-ons to the app by taking random~ photos the moment I got out of the house. Obviously there’s nothing much to take photos of here around the house and especially in my room.. other than selfies.

So without further ado… Picspam!

DEMIDEMI (Check them out here: DEMI Pilipinas Facebook page)

Last night I went to meet with a friend at a nearby bar and restaurant place here in the south. It was my first time to go there by commute.. luckily I did not get lost! I always like going to gig and discovering new music.. as pretentious as that sounds. However, I have heard some music from the band that I came there for c/o my friend who invited me in the gig in the first place. By the way for this particular set, I wasn’t able to take note of all the lens+film combo used. Sorry. Read more…