My love-hate relationship w/ hand-drawn art

Attempting to do calligraphy, and I obviously cannot

I love art, but I love type even more. When it comes to graphic design, I prefer to focus more and study (if I could, I would) more on type. I think it’s the simplest form of visual communication that’s very flexible to work with as soon as you’ve worked your way around it. The possibilities of manipulating type, visually, are endless too.

Now, like everybody else, I, of course, would like to try my hand at it, too. There’s this trend I noticed for a couple of months now. Everyone’s suddenly into hand lettering, calligraphy. Before, it was called “Doodling”, to me at least. People writing off random words, or could be lyrics, passages, quotes, etc., and not just writing it for the sake of writing, but writing it beautifully. Design it with pens, markers, whathaveyou.

And so.. After resisting hard from joining the bandwagon of letterers, calligraphers, last but not the least “doodlers”.. I gave in, surrendered and joined in the craze of hand lettering! Read more…

Unboxing & Review: Xiaomi Mi Powerbank

Xiaomi Mi Powerbank

Xiaomi, referred to as “China’s Apple” by some people, and apparently some blogs, made headlines a just a few months ago this year. AFAIK, it started from the time they released the Mi 3 smartphone. Much of the buzz about this new brand is mostly about that phone. In a nutshell, the Mi 3, as I’d like to describe it, is an affordable Android smartphone with features and specs as good as a premium-branded smartphone out in the market right now. Affordable because it only costs less than PHP 11,000. (As far as my backstory about the Mi 3 goes, this is only the extent of my knowledge about that phone.. moving on!)

That’s nice and all but I wasn’t looking for a new smartphone at the moment because I am very much contented w/ my iPhone 5S. However, I am looking for a more handy and easy to carry around powerbank. Something I could bring with me when I’m outside for a shorter time. I use my phone a lot when I’m out and about, especially 3G (mobile data).. thus the need for extra battery power. This is where the Mi powerbank comes in.  Read more…

Making Shopping a Priority During Trips

Photo: Anna Esguerra (Shot in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong)

Whenever I get the opportunity to travel outside the country, I always make it a point to hit up the local mall or shopping district and check out the shops that the Philippines does not have.

It may be a little shallow (or maybe it’s just me?) because you’re given the opportunity to go to another country.. right there, just waiting to be explored. There’s a new culture for you to experience as well, new people to meet, connect, share stories with.. and you only have a few days to get to it — and the first thing you think of had to be shopping? Read more…