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How To: Renew Your Driver’s License at LTO Parañaque


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In the Philippines, getting a government-issued ID is such a hassle that you always, always want to get it done in the soonest possible time so you won’t have to drag it along and deal with it later.

A Driver’s License is just one of the primary government-issued proof of identification that you can get. It is also a popular choice of ID card, as far as I know, because it’s small and handy. It can fit in your wallet given its standard credit card size and you can take it out anytime you’re asked to present a proof of identification.

Other forms of proof of identification in the Philippines such as the NBI and Police Clearance or a TIN ID is bulky compared to a Driver’s License; the former is as big as a sheet of A5 paper, and the latter is a little bigger than the standard credit card size. Recently, the Postal ID was revamped and it now comes in a standard credit card size and plastic card type. You may also consider getting that instead of a Driver’s License if you like. Continue reading…

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Bless This Mess: BOC x Philpost


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The state of Postal Mail system here in the Philippines is comparable to a game of luck and chance. A gamble. A hit and miss if you will. In my case it’s always a miss, rarely a hit. If I’m understanding that phrase correctly, ‘hit’ would be a good thing, whereas ‘miss’ is the opposite, right?

Presently, the Bureau of Customs in the Philippines is receiving a lot of flak for their services stealing they’ve been doing to the people aka the shit has finally hit the fan for them and I couldn’t be any more happier upon hearing this. I say this is karma for all the times (unfortunately this is still happening and practiced by these greedy baboons) they have taxed us unfair, unjust fees for the packages sent to us for free by people from outside the country. That, or for the things we have purchased from the Internet. Continue reading…


365: Stories by James Robertson


Late last year I saw this collection of short stories by Scottish novelist, James Robertson, while I was browsing around the shelves of Kinokuniya. I hope I got the name right.. it looks and sounds like an impossible tongue twister to me! Other than the classic-looking cover design of this book, I was attracted at the format of the stories that await the reader inside – and this was also the reason why I felt I just had to buy this book. Continue reading…


Thailand Travel Diary


Whenever I hear about a flash discounted fare seat sale promo happening for the local budget airlines here, I’m always thisclose to booking a random 4D3N flight to Thailand. Many opportunities passed, yet none of these almosts and what ifs were set in stone. Instead of making this happen, I end up booking a trip elsewhere (SG and HK – aka my comfort countries). Maybe because I didn’t get to properly go around Thailand in such a way that I did with those two countries that I feel more comfortable being on my own there and confident I won’t get lost.

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